Tech Talk

Are You Vulnerable to Zerologon?

In August 2020, many businesses and users of Microsoft services received emails warning of the potential threat and urging users to update to the latest patch. Here we explain what you need to know about Zerologon and how to prepare for any changes. Read More

Mike Young
November 18, 2020
4 min read

How to Reach the Right People at the Right Time through Paid Digital Advertising

A customer came to me with a new website last week and asked how they could get more sales and where they should be advertising. The main question they asked was, “how much should I spend on advertising and where should I be spending my budget.” When it comes to advertising, you want to focus... Read More

Nick Groh
November 12, 2020
10 min read

Ransomware Prevention & Response Guide for Businesses

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Attackers are moving on from targeting individuals to more lucrative prizes such as government and healthcare organizations. Yet all industries should be on alert. We’ve included everything you’ll need in the guide to start improving your security posture and your IT hygiene. Read More

Dan Carpenter
October 30, 2020
9 min read

7 Ways Automation Can Improve Small Business Operations

Check out these 7 ways that automation can improve small business operations, protect against revenue recognition risks, and deliver measurable results. Read More

John Allen
October 12, 2020
12 min read

How to Leverage Unified Communications to Boost Workplace Productivity

Tackling an unproductive workplace has long been the golden chalice of managerial targets. While workplace motivation should still be of concern to managers, there is a much simpler way to boost workplace productivity. Read More

John Allen
October 7, 2020
11 min read

Microsoft Teams Could Be the Most Valuable Collaboration Platform You’re Already Paying for

Microsoft Teams is an excellent collaboration platform with cool features that make collaborating remotely easy. Let's examine if you should use it and how to gain the most value from Microsoft Teams. Read More

Dan Carpenter
September 29, 2020
11 min read

How to Make Cold Email Effective at Bringing in More Customers

It’s Monday morning. You got your hot cup of coffee, and you are ready to go. You fire up your email and see seven messages from addresses you do not recognize. You didn’t order SPAM for breakfast! You delete the offending emails in short order. Next, you open up Linkedin and see three new requests—YAY!... Read More

Nick Groh
September 22, 2020
13 min read

How to Utilize SEMrush to optimize content for search engines

I’ll cop to it: I’m a bit of a SEMrush superfan. Of all the SEO tools I’ve used for keyword research, site audits, and competitive analysis, SEMrush has always felt like the most comprehensive and usable platform for crafting a content marketing strategy and writing killer copy. SEMrush is our recommended go-to tool for all... Read More

Nick Groh
August 29, 2020
18 min read

Story Points vs Hours: What’s Better and Why You Should Care

We’re all used to estimates for general contract work where, in almost all cases, the estimate received is based on work hours. When working with software development companies that use Agile, you’re likely to be introduced to “story points,” sometimes simply referred to as “points.” So, what IS a point? Why do software companies use points? And, why should you even care? Story points are a huge benefit to both the software developer and stakeholders when implemented properly. Read More

JP Lessard
July 28, 2020
9 min read

Planning Your Business’s Return to the Office After COVID

Businesses are reopening. Are you ready for your team to return to the office? The beginning of the pandemic forced many organizations to scramble for remote work solutions. Now there are HUGE opportunities for improvement. Read More

Dan Carpenter
July 6, 2020
6 min read

How to Evaluate Software Development Estimates

Evaluating software development estimates can be difficult as every estimate will be different. John Horner, Our VP of Software Consulting, will explain why estimates vary and how to select a solution and vendor that fits your specific project needs. Read More

John Horner
June 30, 2020
15 min read

Seizing the Opportunity for Change

As far as business transformation goes, it’s time to look at the positives and seize opportunities for change. JP Lessard, President of Business Software Solutions, urges business owners to revisit what “business as usual” looks like for them and find more efficient solutions for their business operations. Read More

JP Lessard
June 3, 2020
3 min read