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By leveraging the various report development tools and platforms, Miles Technologies can work with you to determine how best to get the information you need from your data to gain valuable insights, make important business decisions, and share with stakeholders in a way that makes sense.


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Custom-Built Reporting

A single compilation of information for a deep look at a particular area of data. Don’t just track the information; put it to maximum use.


A quick & easy, at-a-glance visualization of relevant information or key performance indicators (KPIs), with which to make real time decisions or adjustments.

Business Intelligence (BI)

A larger, platform solution for data warehousing, or a custom reporting solution for C-level execs who perform deeper business analytics with an eye toward making strategic, data-driven decisions.

Dashboard Reporting Simplified

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business

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Perfectly tailored to your business

We have experience with a variety of platforms including Tableau, PowerBI, Crystal Reports, Dundas, SQL Reporting Services, and many more, including our Miles Report Builder (part of our Head-Start Framework).

  • Business Intelligence (BI)


    Gain insight into your company by focusing on the core Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that drive your success. We help identify & clarify the metrics that are both important and unique to your business.

  • Business Analytics


    View summarized reports and drill into the details to understand and improve company performance. We help you gain access to this information in real-time, enabling timely and proactive decision-making.

  • Dashboards, Widgets & Visualizations


    Combine multiple reports and views into a single on-screen display that provides a snapshot of your overall performance as well as individual business unit performance.

  • Customized Business Reporting Platforms


    Build your own reports, customized entirely to suit your needs. We help you sort through the raw data using information analytics that transforms it into valuable and actionable data to help manage your enterprise.

  • Data Warehousing & Synchronization


    Separating your reporting data from your production system data has many benefits. Our team will set up a solution that provides high performance of both environments while ensuring your reports are current and relevant.

  • Ad-Hoc Reports


    Empower your staff to get the information they need, fast. Improve team performance through permissions-based ad-hoc reporting solutions.

  • Trending & Comparison


    Take advantage of opportunities and get ahead of challenges. Put your data in perspective and improve decision-making by comparing year-over-year, seasonal, 3-month averages, or other time frames to identify trends in your business.?

  • Exception-based Reporting


    Immediately identify issues that demand your attention. Our team will set up exception-based reporting rules to alert you of “data outliers” that indicate areas of concern.

Your data, your way

Customized dashboard Reporting Features

Our fully customizable report parameters allow you to get the exact data you need to keep your business moving forward.

Filters & Parameters

Our software memorizes your selected filters and parameters for ease of use.

Report Sharing

Easily share reports to other people, including people outside of your company.


Seeing is believing. Viewing report data in chart or graph format tells a more complete story & aids in comprehension.


Options for exporting data include CSV, PDF, Excel and other formats.

Scheduled Reports

Ensure consistency by scheduling reports to run automatically.

Notification / Email

People need to know. Send notifications triggered by report creation or exceptions as needed.

of Experience


We get the most important, current, and precise information available to the right people at the right time.

Our Development Process

  • Stage I – Vision & Purpose Design

  • Stage II – Data Connections

  • Stage III – Report Development

  • Stage IV – Deploy & Support

We start with the processes & decisions your reports need to support. Then, we select the right type, format, and information for the reports you need.

We identify & connect to the information being tracked in your systems and prepare that information for use in your reports.

We build your reports and test their accuracy using? real world data. We ensure that your reports are providing the insight you need.

Our team gets your reporting solutions in place, aids in adoption by your team, and provides ongoing Support & Evolution services to make sure your reports add even more value over time.



Miles Technologies helped AFCO, a leading chemical and food safety provider, update their existing data entry and reporting software platform to improve their field staff’s productivity and bolster international and mobile capabilities.

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  • What is different about the Miles approach to reporting that creates such value?


    Our proven process, attention to detail, and depth of experience in building reporting solutions and systems integration set us apart in the industry. However, our main reason for success is that we start the process with your business needs and can draw from a wide variety of data reporting platforms and methods to deliver solutions that work best for what YOU need.

  • Why do I need Management Reports for my business?


    Business Management Reports provide important insight into various integral aspects of your business, including sales performance, profitability of clients, and staff productivity.

  • Can you build reports that incorporate data from multiple different sources?


    Yes! We can integrate or synchronize multiple systems’ data into a single report or dashboard to provide insight that no single system’s reporting capabilities can give you.? Typical solutions include combining CRM/Sales data with ERP/Operations data to provide a full view of your business flow from start to finish.

  • What features do I need on my reports?


    Our customized approach enables us to create dashboards and reports that are tailored to your needs. Some features you may want to consider include Memorization of Search & Filter Parameters, Sharing Reports with Others, Export (CSV, PDF, Excel), and Scheduled Emailing of Reports.

  • Can we automate the reporting process?


    Yes, our technology is able to learn your preferred settings and can create relevant reports automatically. As part of our focus on process automation, our goal is to save your time by eliminating manual practices that are part of a consistent and repetitive nature.

  • Why do some business intelligence projects fail?


    Old technology, lack of insight/forethought, or a lack of internal support can cause Business Intelligence projects to fail. But the biggest issue is a lack of methodology and consistency for gathering information into a viable and valuable reporting system. It’s impossible to turn out reliable, usable reports when the data is inconsistent, incorrect, or incoherent.