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Discover how you can leverage technology to create value and maximize business growth. Our team of top-shelf business analysts will work with you to understand what you’re trying to achieve for your business, then demonstrate how you can evolve your technology to deliver those desired business outcomes.


We’ll help you create an overarching vision of the future of your organization, and then nurture that comprehensive vision to life. Don’t just wander the yellow brick road; walk with purpose. Bring Miles Technologies along the journey, to march in lockstep with you, and together, we’ll ease on down that golden road.

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We’re more than just experts in technology. Our industry-focused teams provide sophisticated, practical solutions.

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Our goal is to provide you with the most reliable guidance on optimizing your current processes, adopting new technology, and planning for the future.



  • 1970’s

  • 1980’s

  • 1990’s

  • 2000’s

  • 2010’s

  • 2020’s

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1970’s Fledgling Technologies

Mainstream office technology in the 70’s is a hard copy, paper-burdened environment with filing cabinets, snail-mail, rotary phones, and typewriters.


We listened to disco and wore platform shoes, polyester and bell bottoms. Groovy!

1980’s Emergent Technologies

Fax machines, 5? floppy disk, mobile phone brick, IBM PC, Commodore 64, Apple Macintosh, 20 MB hard drive.


We watched MTV, saw Princess Diana get married, sported big hair, parachute pants, shoulder pads, and neon legwarmers.

1990’s Breakthrough Technologies

Word Wide Web, iPhone, ISPs, email, Microsoft Windows 3.x & NT, HP Palm Pilot.


We worried about Y2K and the dot-com bubble. Only one of which was an actual problem. Amazon only sold books.

2000’s Consumer Technologies

MS Server 2000/2003/2008, YouTube, camera phones, Windows XP, Bluetooth wireless headsets, BlackBerry, Skype, Wikipedia, Web 2.0


We witnessed 9/11, and weathered the sub-prime mortgage crisis with its ensuing global recession. But we had our distractions: audio & video streaming, iPod, Xbox/PlayStation/Wii, and Blu-ray Disc.

2010’s Disruptive Technologies

AWS and Azure cloud computing, GPS, Bitcoin, drones, SaaS, worldwide adoption of social media,? Chromebooks, Chromecast, iPad, smartwatches, electric cars, IoT, virtual assistants, 4G, Uber.


We saw the rise of the gig economy, electric cars, crowdsourcing, and home automation. Oh, and Amazon sells everything.

2020’s Astonishing Technologies

AI, machine learning, Big Data & augmented analytics, cloud/edge computing, nanotechnology, 5G


We’ll be wearing technology that improves human performance, virtual reality, and social distancing.

Best In Class

This is the cutting-edge!? You are using technologies that allow your workforce to accomplish more of what they do for you seamlessly and efficiently.?


Your customers and partners do business with you electronically and at any time of day or night, anywhere in the world.? Your competitors look at you as the industry leader in technology adoption and struggle to keep up because of it.

For each area of your business, what level of technology would you say is being used today? Be Honest!

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follow your own yellow brick road to success!

management consulting to become “best in class”

With deep expertise in every industry, our analysts match each area of your business to its corresponding technology decade, and from there, determine what it will take to become Best In Class across the board. Our gap analysis will further evaluate your company, work with various business units, subject matter experts, analyze existing processes and information systems, then observe those processes in motion.


The resulting Roadmap to Success will illustrate, for each of the seven business areas, the ones you’re already Best In Class, those where you’re close—but could still benefit from a technology update—and the ones that are keeping you from becoming your best vision of the company you know it can be.


This Roadmap to Success will have actionable, prioritized, staged recommendations that can start being implemented right away, along with implementation plans for future projects further down your yellow brick road. Miles Technologies will design optimal systems and processes, then put them in place to help your company succeed.

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