Improving Collaboration & Communication

Leverage business technology for easy communication and seamless collaboration. We provide consulting and installation of many communication and collaboration tools including video conferencing, phone systems, web portals, systems integrations, and more. We’ll identify what tools work best with your current business systems and help to achieve your operational goals.

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Organize Your Communications

Phone System & VoIP Solutions

Choosing the right phone system starts with determining your business collaboration needs and matching them with the right technology. Depending on your business environment, you may want a system that unifies communications beyond just a standard phone call, including: IM, video conferencing, cloud-based voice calls and more.?

Seamlessly Track, Report, & Support

Web Portal & Information Sharing Solutions

Web portals make information and communication easy to access from anywhere, at any time, without increasing your staffing needs. These systems work to keep data organized and make it easier to find the history of orders, tracking information, reporting or transaction-related needs, and much more!


Unlike email, web portals present the opportunity to organize and manage the consistency of communication. Communicate broad messages directly onto the portal for different key audiences including: employees, customers, sub-contractors, vendors, and more. For a more personalized approach, speak to users individually using a chat client built right into your portal.

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System Integration & Data Synchronization

Most companies use separate systems for different roles. When your sales team, accounting department, and operations are using separate systems, it slows down both process and progress.?


Integrating these systems helps bring your entire business together. Information runs smoothly between departments so people can make informed decisions based on the actions of other teams in real time.


Experience the benefits of truly operating as one company.


The perfect collaboration tools that work on-the-go

Interprofessional collaboration platforms give your teams a shared virtual workspace so they can work together even when working apart. With tagging features for assignments, video chat, and cloud-based editing, these systems allow for a multitude of team members to work with the same project-related data, and interact with each other as a cohesive unit.


Based on how your teams collaborate and work together most effectively, our IT project experts help select the platforms and features that set your teams up for high performance and high output. We work with you to devise a step-by-step plan for implementation that allows operations to proceed with minimal disruption. We also work directly with your staff to ensure smooth adoption of the new software.


Examples of Platforms We Implement:


  • ???Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft 365 and Office 365, Microsoft Teams (formerly Skype for Business).
  • ???G-Suite including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Chat, and more.
  • ???Slack, Zoom, WebEx and more.
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