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Achieving Compliance

Becoming compliant should never make your life more difficult. Trust our experts to be your partners in compliance that benefits your customers and your company.

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Gaining an understanding of your system and requirements

Today’s stringent IT data security & compliance requirements (recognizable by acronyms like HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, NIST 800-171,?ADA, et al.) span most industries, and are not optional. We start with a baseline IT gap analysis, where our experts analyze where you are today and compare it to where you need to be.


From there, we provide the appropriate steps and a timeline for implementation. It’s not always an easy process, but our experts are with you every step along the way to answer your questions and concerns about achieving the particular compliance(s) that your business is required to adhere to.


Total confidence in your backup systems

When your off-site backups rely on a person to manually carry hard drives from one location to another, it becomes easy for them to make a misstep or become inconsistent.?


Getting off-site storage with data protection is an easy and important step towards becoming compliant. Off-site cloud backups provide flexibility and consistency in automatically saving your data to the cloud every few minutes, making it easy to restore when necessary.

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Your partners in compliance

Knowing how to become compliant is half the battle. Following through is often the harder part. When your internal team is at full capacity with other initiatives, mistakes are bound to occur.


Instead, trust in and rely on our experts. We handle every step to success in achieving compliance, from contacting your vendors directly to overseeing, planning, and implementing projects.


When your security efforts support your compliance goals

Most compliance requirements focus on how you handle sensitive client data in your business. When you become a Miles Cyber Security customer, your compliance requirements are immediately met through our phased approach. While proactively monitoring your systems, we identify and implement methods to secure existing vulnerabilities and prevent future issues.

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