Extending & Integrating CRM Software

As customer relationship management (CRM) platforms have evolved, they are increasingly needed by businesses of all sizes to support not only sales and marketing but customer service, retention as well as vendor relationships, partnerships, and more.


But what if you need more from your CRM than it can provide or that you can get from a plug-in? We specialize in complex integrations and customization that don’t fit an out-of-the-box solution. By extending functionality and integrating with other systems, you can keep your existing CRM software AND add value.


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Customize and Extend

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Give your employees the information and tools they need to interact with customers successfully. We will help you push past your CRM system’s capabilities to create the solutions you really need.

Automate Processes

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Eliminate manual data entry tasks that reduce productivity, increase errors, and create unnecessary staff burden. Save time and money by eliminating inefficiencies through automation.

Integrate Systems

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Connect your CRM to other existing information systems to streamline data and enhance collaboration. We have experience with multiple integration methods and can build custom APIs to increase the functionality of your software.


One-Stop Software Solutions

We have experience working with the most widely used CRMs and can develop a solution that supports your business’s existing infrastructure. If you identify a need or have an idea to strengthen your customer relationships, we offer various software services, including:



Our Integrated Approach

  • Stage I – Vision & Process Design

  • Stage II – Technical Design

  • Stage III – Build & Test

  • Stage IV – Deploy

  • Stage V – Ongoing Support

We start by working with you to design what the business process & flow of information should look like when the solution is implemented.

Combining your Process Design with the data availability and access tools for your specific systems, we determine the best methods to accomplish your vision.

After building out the solution, we run real-world scenarios to test the process to ensure the results are what you expect.

We help install & configure the new solution onto your live systems.

Our support team is here to proactively monitor and help with your systems on an ongoing basis.

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  • Which CRM software products do you have experience with?


    We have experience with the most popular CRM software, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Striven, Insightly, etc. This is only a small sample list of CRMs we can work with, though, as new CRM products are coming out all of the time.

  • What other systems can you integrate with?


    We have experience integrating CRM systems with many different platforms and types of solutions, including accounting systems, custom platforms, billing systems, and Business Intelligence platforms. We would encourage you to reach out to us so we can learn more about your software and what you need us to accomplish.

  • If you customize my CRM system, will any upgrades become impossible or highly expensive?


    We follow best practices for integrating and extending CRM systems to ensure you can continue to receive updates and upgrade to new versions. To accomplish this, we utilize the integration and development platforms available with these products to customize, automate, and extend these solutions.