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Imedview Uses Custom Software to Boost Staff Productivity

Miles Technologies helped Imedview, Inc. accomplish more by creating a custom case management system that is user-friendly, automates time-consuming manual processes, and reduces data duplication and errors.


Developing Software that Meets all of Imedview’s Needs

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Imedview, Inc. came to Miles Technologies with a need to build custom business software that would improve their efficiency, security, and quality when handling cases, scheduling medical examinations, and retrieving documents for clients. As we learned about their challenges and goals, we knew we had to create a customized system that addressed the following business needs:


Improve productivity with a user-friendly system that guides the user what to do next and what may still be missing.

Document Management

Simplify how documents are handled by pulling the documents directly into a queue that could easily be routed through the appropriate channels.


Eliminate multiple touches and steps of the process to mitigate potential errors and reduce time to completion.

Data Management

Prevent duplication of claims numbers, address books, and other data in the system.


Viewpoint Case Management Software Helps Imedview Do Business Better

We designed and developed a customized, secure, HIPAA-compliant system called Viewpoint that would simplify processes, improve efficiency, and enhance collaboration. Viewpoint is a Case Management software that helps Imedview run and manage its core business operations.
Viewpoint manages all aspects related to cases, from creation to completion. It allows users to schedule medical examinations, receive and organize documents that pertain to cases, create tasks, and follow up on any tasks already established in the system.
As Imedview requested the software to be user-friendly, we designed an intuitive system that helps users handle all business workflows more effectively.


How Imedview Is Accomplishing More

Viewpoint automates and simplifies many of the processes that were originally being managed manually by users. Before Viewpoint, users would spend hours manually downloading documents, saving them, compiling them, and generating “packages” from existing information.
Through Viewpoint, these documents are received in a single queue and routed to the appropriate channel. The system can compile documents and create templates automatically with one click of the mouse, saving significant time that staff can now spend elsewhere.
Also, Viewpoint has a built-in engine that creates tasks and automatically moves Services through Statuses and Follow-ups based on triggers set up as per their business workflows. This keeps their operations organized and allows staff to see statuses and move things along quickly.
Finally, Viewpoint reduces data duplication and user errors as there are powerful validations throughout the system to prevent these.


Improved Productivity

Saved labor hours through process automation and a user-friendly system.


Simplified System

Documents are routed through the appropriate channels.


Fewer Duplicates

Powerful validations throughout the system to prevent data duplication.

You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!?

Project Highlights

The system automatically creates tasks for users based on the status of services. Users know what they need to do and which tasks to prioritize through a system designated by colors.

Through integration with RingCentral, users can fax documents and packages that were quickly generated from templates and with merge data from the system.

The system features a powerful tool that tracks the most important actions in the system. There is always a trail of what was done, when it was done, and by whom.

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