Custom Business Software Development

We are here to help you fulfill your vision of how your business should run. This drives our software development process. By understanding the complexities and nuances of your company, we design and implement solutions that align your systems and processes with your vision.


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Process Improvement

Custom software streamlines and accentuates what makes your company stand out, while increasing productivity, capacity, and scalability.

Business-First Approach

We design your business software based on your needs and your vision, not by trying to force your business into prepackaged programs or preconceived notions and “making it fit”.


Taking a deeper look at the needs of your business and people, we work with your team to build the exact software system you are looking for.

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Our Miles Software Solutions

  • Creating a Vision


    Starting with your concepts and building on out-of-the-box ideas, we tailor our custom business solutions to best suit your needs.

  • Collaborative Approach


    With our interactive custom business software development process, you’ll have a partner for success from start to finish and beyond.

  • Industry-Specific Concepts


    Our industry expertise translates into solutions that give you a competitive advantage by solving your greatest challenges and taking advantage of unique opportunities.

  • Business Management Applications


    We help get everything on track to streamline your systems and create a platform that works best for your business.

  • Return on Investment


    Working directly with your team and your vision, we help make sure your customized software outperforms anything you’ve used previously.


To accomplish your vision, we start with requirements based on the needs of your end user and our head-start framework, not with a pre-packaged system. From that point, we build software to accomplish your vision that functions across many different platforms, and then run the system through real-world scenario testing. We then help you prepare for and manage all aspects of successful implementation. We continue advancing your system through ongoing support & evolution services tailored to your needs.

The Custom Approach

  • Stage I – Vision to Reality Planning

  • Stage II – Interactive Development

  • Stage III – Adoption Program

  • Stage IV – Ongoing Support & Evolution

You have the vision for how you want your business to run and how this solution fits into that vision. We help create a tangible Project Success Plan based on your goals, and work directly with your team to set the stage for achieving that success for this project and beyond.

We collaborate with your team to clarify use cases, system requirements, and preferred user experience as a foundation for development. Our process includes checkpoints as well as working your feedback in along the way in order to produce the best system.

Given how critical system adoption is to your success, we help you with an “adoption is not optional” approach. We work closely with you in gathering feedback, training users, configuring & optimizing the system, managing the process of going live, and continuing the Adoption Program through the first several months after launch.

Our approach to support covers everything to keep your system running smoothly (system monitoring, proactively resolving issues, optimization, and more) as well as continuing to improve the value of your systems through ongoing analysis, consultation, and new features & enhancements.

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Leverage Our Head-Start Framework

What is it??

The Miles Head-Start Framework is based on 100,000+ hours of research and development. We have built code libraries, infrastructure, methodologies, and project management processes that provide the foundation for your software solution.?


How it benefits you.??

Our Head-Start Framework allows us to rapidly build high-quality, custom solutions without starting from scratch or using bloated pre-built systems.

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Imedview Uses Custom Software to Boost Staff Productivity

We built a custom case management system for Imedview, Inc. that transformed how they handled cases and scheduled medical examinations, which, ultimately, reduced errors and improved productivity.

Raving Fans

Learn more about our Custom Business Software services and how we can help your business accomplish more.

We are about halfway through our software development with Miles Technologies and there are, quite simply, not enough superlatives to adequately describe our experience with them, thus far. From the responsiveness that we experienced upon first calling to become more educated on the process to the level of imagination and innovation that they have brought to the mechanics behind a very complicated and dry software project, we have been nothing short of utterly delighted with everyone at Miles.

Kimberley Lucchese, Operations Manager
Imedview, Inc
New York City, NY
Customer Since 2018

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  • What differentiates you from other custom software development companies?


    Our software adoption rate is close to perfect.? Our unique, rapid, and agile development process allows us to create high-quality systems very quickly. We are able to leverage our 20+ years of experience in building custom software to provide innovative solutions to the most challenging business and technology problems.

  • Do you outsource your development?


    No. All members of our software development team are full-time Miles Technologies employees.

  • Do I own the intellectual property and source code?


    Yes! We provide our services on a work made for hire basis, and you own the custom-built software which is created based on your vision.

  • What software development methodology do you follow?


    We generally follow an agile development process using SCRUM methodologies, with a little special sauce that makes the Miles Software Solution slightly different and better for our customers.

  • What technologies / platform do you use to build your custom software?


    Most new systems start with a platform we built ourselves (our Head-Start Framework) that includes a foundation for many aspects of the software. It is built using the most modern web and mobile technologies. We also build new software from the ground-up as needed, and can use just about any technology platform your project warrants.

  • Can you integrate my new custom business software with my other systems?


    Yes! Read more here about how we help with Integrations for any system.

  • How is buying custom software different from buying a product?


    Custom software is a journey and an investment in your future. Rather than buying a pre-made product that you have to fit your business processes into, you will work with a team who will analyze your particular needs and build an entirely new and unique product that leverages the strengths and competitive advantages of your business.

  • What is the biggest custom software buying mistake?


    The biggest mistake is starting a custom software project with a lack of clarity or vision for the project and how it will be used in your business. Helping create that shared vision with your project team is vital so they better understand your goals and objectives. This greatly improves the probability of success in any software project.