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Database Management Services

Handling the performance, stability, ongoing data management, and evolution of your databases takes time and expertise. From organization to architecture to optimization, we help deliver the perfect solution for your company’s needs. And with our focus on cyber security, you can rest assured that your company’s information is safe and secure.

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Broad Model Approach

Whether you run a simple database model, or have a more complex deployment such as a high-availability solution with many databases, we will provide a service plan customized to your needs.

Expert Teams

We can augment your existing IT professional team with specific skills or services, provide an avenue for escalation or consulting, or supply complete database and infrastructure management.

Industry Best Practices

We follow industry best practices to provide you with peace of mind. We configure, proactively monitor, identify upgrades & security improvements, and prevent slowdowns and crashes with your databases.

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Your Database Challenges Resolved

  • Database & Hosting Platforms


    Our analysts are experienced & qualified in the following: Microsoft (MS) SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, AWS / Amazon RDS, Azure, Google Cloud, Redis, Microsoft Access, and more.

  • DBA Specialization Areas


    Architecting, building, analyzing, optimizing, securing, upgrading, migrating, consolidating, scaling, redesigning, and maintaining databases.

  • Deployment Method Expertise


    Single-server, multi-server, multi-database, locally-installed, cloud-hosted, high-availability (HA), redundancy, mirroring, clustering, synchronization, and integrated database environments.

  • Maintenance Services


    Performance monitoring, performance optimization, backup policy, configuration & validation, recovery from disruptions, and platform patching.

  • Evolution and Enhancement


    Performance analysis, proactive recommendations, business continuity & disaster recovery planning, platform upgrades, migration planning & execution, cloud hosting (including consolidation, migration, etc.), and scalable / high-availability (ha) solution design.

  • Additional Services


    Database Design & Development, Data Integration & Migration, Ad-Hoc Queries, Data Pulls, Business Intelligence (BI), and Reporting


Enhancing Your Databases

Your database environment needs to be fast, secure, and dependable. Just getting it organized and upgraded can be a major project. Our database experts will accelerate the process and handle the details so your team is free to focus on your business operations.

Our Custom Approach:

  • Stage I – Environment Assessment & Cataloging

  • Stage II – Onboarding & Roadmap Planning

  • Stage III – Ongoing Support & Evolution

Our expert team will assess & catalog your current database environment and provide documentation of your platforms, databases, and configuration.

We provide recommendations & execute on immediate action items, such as backup plans & security recommendations. We also work with you to confirm the services and coverage we will provide that best align with your company’s existing resources and future objectives.

Our team of database experts provide proactive monitoring, maintenance & optimization, respond to alerts & requests as needed, and provide consultative recommendations for improvements & advancements.

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The Marwood Group Enhances Its Database Infrastructure

We assessed and identified ways the Marwood Group could consolidate its databases and improve its overall infrastructure to improve performance and reduce support costs.

Raving Fans

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We like that Miles Technologies is project-oriented and that they can come up with a clear scope ahead of time. After they listen to us, they take what we’re trying to do into consideration and they try to poke holes in it to see if there’s more opportunity for improvement or to catch anything we may have missed. They execute projects on time and within the budget promised.

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The Rapid Learning Institute
Wayne, PA
Customer Since 2010

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  • How often do I have to back up my company’s databases?


    Some businesses need a backup every 15 minutes, while others need it once per day. Some businesses can afford to take a whole day to recover, while other companies need it to be under 30 minutes. Every business has different requirements, and our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan helps determine the exact configuration for your needs.

  • What kinds of servers do you deploy and provide maintenance services for?


    Remote/cloud, physical, one server for many databases, one server for each database — we have expertise in a wide range of servers and can help find the perfect fit. We can also help consolidate your databases to save money.


  • What are some ways that Database Administration (DBA) services can save my company money?


    One of the best ways managed database services can help is by improving the productivity of the people using your systems, primary achieved through minimizing slowdowns and speeding up their ability to do their jobs.? There may also be opportunity to save money by consolidating your databases & related infrastructure, retiring old servers or reducing your cloud hosting costs.

  • What other value (besides saving money) does expert DBA services bring to my company?


    Risk mitigation by improving your data security is a substantial benefit of expert DBA services.? Understanding and getting help applying best practices both within your databases and in the infrastructure surrounding them is key to a strong security stance.? You can also free up your own IT team to focus on other areas (such as new technology advancements for your company).