Marketing Automation and Email Strategy

One of the earliest forms of digital marketing, Email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Strategies however, have increased and improved since the birth of the internet. Let’s find the best options for your business!? We work with Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, and Mailchimp just to name a few automation tools.

Increase Conversions

A good, well-timed email drives everything from website clicks to conversions, and automation makes it easy.

Strengthen Loyalty

Friendly updates and newsletters full of valuable content show you care about customer relationships.


Get Personal

Do more than fill in a name. With segmentation and workflows, reach the right customers at the right time.??


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How can email automation help my business?

  • Reach More Of Your Audience


    The majority of people check their inbox at least once a day. So while there are plenty of great places to grab your audience’s attention, none are quite as reliable as email.

  • Revamp Your Remarketing


    Send strategically timed emails to customers who’ve abandoned a cart or left before making a purchase. Personalize their email content with products picked just for them.

  • Improve Your Sales Funnel


    Help customers and encourage sales by touching base at the perfect time. A well-crafted campaign automatically reminds customers you’re available to help, answer questions, and resolve hesitations.

  • Simplify Recruitment


    Create a workflow for candidates. Confirm interview times and locations, follow up with top talent, and provide need-to-know information without carving hours out of your day.

  • Provide Value, Be Valuable


    Show your subscribers videos, blog posts, or updates they may have missed on other platforms. When you provide valuable content, they’ll remember the value of your services.


Still unsure? Start small.

When compared to other marketing methods, a well-crafted email strategy is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach all of your audience. Plus, email’s effect on your bottom line can be quite lucrative.


We know businesses need a comfortable place to start. See how we can help you develop a plan that gets results and fits your budget.

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  • What is email marketing and what are its benefits?


    On a broad scale, email marketing can be anything from a monthly newsletter to a highly personalized workflow designed to target customers who take specific actions. Email marketing has numerous benefits, including building personal relationships with customers, increasing traffic to your website, and being much more cost-effective than many other marketing tactics.

  • Why is email marketing important for small businesses?


    Particularly if you run a smaller business or are just starting to incorporate a professional marketing strategy into your business goals, email marketing can be a great place to start. In addition to being a relatively inexpensive marketing tactic, it’s much easier to track your ROI with email marketing.?

  • How can I use email marketing?


    There are a variety of ways you can incorporate email into your marketing strategy. Carefully crafted newsletters that keep customers up-to-date on your business and provide helpful information can build loyalty among current customers, personalized email workflows can provide a gentle push for prospects who are on the fence, and well-timed follow up and confirmation emails can make recruitment a breeze.

  • What is an email workflow and how can it help me?


    An email workflow is a series of emails that are automatically sent based on a consumer’s interactions with your business. A workflow is a great way to personalize your marketing for different customers. You can have an email automatically sent, for example, to customers who abandoned their carts the day before, and a separate email sent a week following a purchase. These vastly different emails are generated based on customer actions and can gently nudge a customer to make a purchase or encourage a happy customer to write a review.

  • How can I be sure email marketing is a good strategy for my business?


    Email workflows have their place in almost every industry, and we can help you discover the right type of email automation to meet your business’ size and goals.