Healthcare & Medical IT

We help your organization’s systems run optimally while maintaining powerful security and HIPAA compliance. We help your people accomplish more through implementing best-in-class IT systems & software and providing rapid response and resolution to issues. Your patients deserve the very best.

Compliance Support

Your data needs to be secure, reliable, trackable, and within compliance standards (such as HIPAA, PCI, and FOPA).

Software Reliability

Your systems should be part of a streamlined process that includes compliance, scheduling, asset tracking, financial tracking, policy management and more.

Cultivate Your Appearance

Get noticed by more consumers with an increased online presence and a user-friendly website.

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Simplify Your Practice Management Systems

Run your practice the way you want

Expand the capabilities of the systems you use to run your practice. We offer secure integrations for EHR, EMR, and PMS software that enable your systems to share real-time data and automate processes.

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Dental Practice Management Software Integrations

Align Your Systems with Your Dental Practice’s Needs

Add functionality to your dental practice management software and optimize how data flows between your systems. We build integration solutions that help dental professionals run their practices more efficiently and provide better overall patient care.


Provide High-Quality Care Anywhere

Telehealth has grown exponentially because of COVID-19 and social distancing requirements. Many first-time users have reported a positive experience with their virtual doctor’s visit, and states and CMS have relaxed their rules regarding telehealth to ensure more practices can adopt this increasingly popular form of care. But how do you know which platform is right for you?

  • HIPAA Compliance


    Our healthcare consultants can protect your HIPAA compliance status by helping you choose a telehealth platform provider that operates according to the privacy and security rules, generates a business associates agreement, has the highest level of data encryption in place, and more. We can also review any telehealth tools you have are used in a compliant manner and have the appropriate configurations.

  • Billing and Reimbursement


    We can discuss billing and reimbursement options available to you depending on your state and its parity laws as well as options regarding Medicare and Medicaid. We can also provide information on built-in self-pay options for each software platform to ensure you choose a platform that makes it easy to bill your patients and receive payment.

  • Usability and Functionality


    Every practice has different needs that a telehealth platform must solve. From integration with other practice systems, to ease of use for providers and patients to ensure quality of care, we can help you choose a telehealth option that makes the most sense for your individual practice and fits within your budget.

  • Equipment and IT Support


    Whether you plan to use telehealth software in the office or at home, you need up-to-date devices, a high-quality webcam and speakers, and a secure, encrypted connection. We can assess your current setup and help you source equipment for your office or home. We can also provide guidance on BYOD devices. If you need IT support, we offer affordable managed services designed to keep you online and secure.


The Path to Data Security

By implementing the latest security technologies, our proactive cyber security measures will constantly evolve to predict and defend against an ever-changing digital landscape. With our knowledge of HIPAA, PCI, FOPA, and other standards, we work within those bounds to ensure your data is being handled appropriately and with the greatest care.?

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Quality Assurance Where it Matters

Without quality control, streamlined databases and project? management systems, your organization spends more time and money compensating for unreliable systems. And though security is recognized as an enormous priority, efficiency is just as important. We will help you establish order and create a system that works well for you, your patients and customers.


Improving User Experience

Poor navigation on your website can alienate your consumer base. Your website should clearly demonstrate your team’s understanding of your patients’ and customers’ needs. By increasing your marketing efforts online in the right places, you’ll experience an increase in new and retained patients. We are here to help determine your marketing strategy and cultivate your online presence.


Allow Providers to Focus on Care

We partner with management service organizations (MSOs) that empower independent practices to gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry.


Help your members manage their day-to-day operations, maximize income, and gain access to advanced technologies.


Your dedicated team will get to know your organization and identify technology services and solutions that will achieve more for providers and support your recruitment efforts for new members.

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