IT Relocation Services

With so many pieces to juggle, setting up IT infrastructure at your new address might seem like a daunting task. Don’t panic. We have a dedicated team of experts who specialize in IT relocation services that can take the sting out of any office move.


Our team will assist in planning and executing your upcoming move, resulting in minimal downtime and a whole lot less stress.



Our IT relocation services concentrate on the smallest details well in advance of your move. This preparation ensures your relocation project is a success.?



IT relocation projects typically involve multiple 3rd parties and stakeholders. We keep everyone updated and make sure we hit all target dates.?



Our team can handle as much or as little of the office move as desired. This includes site surveys, wiring, technology outfitting, AV and conference rooms, physically moving equipment, and more.?

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Big Moves or Small, Our Experts Streamline the Process

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

—Alexander Graham Bell


Our project clock starts 120 days prior to the move as we begin our detailed analysis and documentation of your systems.


Systems Analysis

We start by assessing the systems in your current environment and identifying any potential “gotchas” up front. We make sure that all systems operate smoothly before and after the move.

Planning & Assessment

We work from our detailed office move project playbook, documenting and tagging all servers, workstations, printers, and network boundary devices.

Site Survey

We generate an office floor plan identifying employee locations, network printer locations, copier locations, server room, service demarc, and any other locations for your essential IT systems.

Coordination, Move & Setup

We orchestrate the moving of equipment, coordinate with 3rd-party vendors and stakeholders to ensure all communications services & construction build-outs are ready for the move-in date.

Security Evaluation

We assess your security posture, identify potential vulnerabilities, and implement cyber security solutions designed to match your organization’s needs.

Phone Systems & Service

Our telecom experts analyze existing phone systems and services to determine if these will satisfy needs in new location. If more effective solutions exist, we provide our recommendations along with cost-benefit analysis.

Infrastructure Wiring & Wi-Fi

Our cabling experts do an advanced walk-through to determine where Wi-Fi access points and network cabling drops are required. We install cabling in a neat and organized manner, clearly marking jacks and ports in telecommunications closet.

Testing & Support

We’ll verify that all of your systems are running as expected in the new space. After the move is complete, our experts will be onsite to provide day one transition support for your staff to make sure they are hitting on all cylinders in the new environment.

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  • Avatar Jerr Howard ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    If you are having IT troubles, definitely reach out to Miles Technologies. They are amazing to work with and so responsive. I worked with Mike Dulak when I got my new laptop, and he was so wonderful. He answered all of my questions and was very attentive to my needs. The owner of the company should be proud – his company is stellar. Great job, guys!

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4.8 109 reviews

  • Avatar Sharon Gola ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Miles Technologies is AMAZING! You get connected to someone who helps you extremely fast. They fix you problem within a few short minutes. They have never let me down, and best of all they never make me feel stupid for not knowing all the terminology & technology in the IT world. Thank you Miles Technology…

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4.8 109 reviews

  • Avatar Bruce Richman ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    I have had other IT support but I still knew more than them. I recently signed up with Miles. I was only with them three days when my server had a total meltdown. I’m probably two hours away from their location and they sent someone out who spent the day sorting things out which led to resolution. The problem required technological skills and a methodical evaluation They’re about as advanced as you could need. They truly care about our technological well-being.


Office IT Relocation Process

Moving your business to a new location should not interrupt productivity. Our IT relocation experts simplify the process so that your business, systems, and people experience as little downtime as possible during the transition.

IT Relocation Steps

  • Stage I – Document & Identify Systems

  • Stage II – Plan & Label Equipment

  • Stage III – Back up, Pack Up & Relocate

  • Stage IV – Unpack & Test

Our experts start by identifying your current office IT systems and 3rd-party telecom, internet, and hosting providers to ensure a smooth transition of services at the new location.

We’ll generate a master floor plan for your new office and label all departments along with where each person will be sitting in the new location. Appropriate documentation makes it a snap to match people up to the right workstations.

Just ahead of move day, our IT team creates a complete image backup of all servers and corporate data. Even if you use another “heavy-lifting” company to move furniture, our team will neatly bundle up all of your delicate IT equipment and safely transport to the new office.

Once there, we’ll unwrap the hardware and spin up your IT infrastructure at the new address. When your people show up for day one at the new office, we’ll have people onsite and available to get users logged in and immediately effective.

Different Locations
Project Planning

Success Story

Florida Law Firm Relocates to a New?Office

We coordinated a complex IT relocation for a client under unique circumstances, but we made adjustments to stay within all timelines and get the client back up and running in their new location.

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We think Miles Technologies has gone above and beyond in helping make our office move as painless as it could be. We really, really appreciate your help.

Charles Piven, Attorney
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4.8 109 reviews

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  • How do I plan an office relocation?


    There are so many components to a successful office move that the only easy answer is to start planning early on. The more time you allow yourself to get this move accomplished, the more time you’ll have to factor in specific needs and requirements at the new address. Employee input is enormously helpful, and you’ll want them to be as excited about the move as you are.

  • How do I reduce the stress of my office move?


    Planning and communicating with your staff can help circumvent many frustrations with the moving process. Creating alternate work arrangements, such as a virtual or temporary office, can help prevent a drop in productivity. The sequential order of your move, such as when to handle the network relocation, matters so that you don’t accidentally inconvenience your employees. Hiring experienced consultants to help you move can eliminate the pain often associated with relocating your office and staff.

  • What is the impact of an office move on employees?


    While office moves are typically executed to improve the workplace, some people inherently face challenges when moving to a new location. That said, 68% of employees say a relocation had a positive impact on them. Proper planning and employee input is essential for providing a positive office relocation experience for your team.

  • Do I need video surveillance?


    A video surveillance system protects against property theft and vandalism, acts as an excellent deterrent to falsified lawsuits and staged accidents, helps deter thieves and shoplifters and other forms of crime. If an event occurs, you’ll have the required footage to know what happened, when, and who was involved.

  • What about access control?


    A great add-on to video surveillance, access control provides the ability to allow employees to enter specific areas of your facility at a particular time. It also gives you the ability to monitor who comes and goes. When an employee leaves the company, you can deactivate their access profile, eliminating the need to go door-to-door to recode or rekey them.