what is it, and why do i need it?

IT Support Services

IT Support is situational and reactive—simply put, if your IT systems worked yesterday, but not today, the immediate goal of incident-based IT support is to get those systems restored, and your people back to work ASAP.


Managed IT Services is global and proactive—both broader and deeper. Proactive services built on a foundation of unlimited IT support and offered at a fixed, monthly-recurring cost determined by the size and complexity of your environment.


Whatever you need, our elite IT Support pros will get you back to full functionality.


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Whenever, Wherever, Forever

IT Team

24/7/365 Raving Fan? IT Support that doesn’t sleep, take naps, call out sick, or go on vacation.

No Contracts or Lengthy Commitments

IT Response

We want you to use our IT support services because you love us, not because a contract requires it.

Rapid Response,
Fast Resolution

Raving Fan

Our average response time is under one minute, and we guarantee you will speak with a human being within an hour of calling.?

a guiding principle

You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!®

We can’t take credit for coming up with that motto ourselves. Many years ago, one of our customers used those exact words to describe what it was like working with us. It wasn’t the last time we heard that sentiment from our customers, so naturally, it became the core representation of our company. Take a look at what our Promises and Core Beliefs mean to us.

Seconds Average
Response Time

become a Raving Fan


We provide stellar IT support to businesses that focus on the individual wherever they happen to be, regardless of device or location. We live in an era of the “knowledge worker,” most of whom use at least 3 digital devices—PC, laptop/tablet, phone—to get work done both in and outside of the office. As a direct result of the 2020 pandemic, that number of connected user devices has grown to include personal systems from home-based remote workers. For us, IT Support is not just tinkering with individual office workstations; it’s always been about…Helping People Accomplish More.?

Big Company Reach & Resources

Nationwide, we employ more than 400 full-time IT professionals and continue to add more people throughout the pandemic because businesses need our help now more than ever.

Small Company Feel & Familiarity

You won’t have to continually re-explain your situation every time you reach out to us for help. Our team-based internal structure means you will work with the same small group of people every time. Multiple people who understand your company, what you need, and are always available.

Industry-Focused Teams

We are familiar with the tools your people use every day, and that includes a deep understanding of special compliance requirements and software platforms commonly used in your industry.?

We Don’t Believe in Voicemail

We guarantee you will speak with a live person within one hour any time you call, day or night. You’ll never wonder if the person you’re trying to reach got your message left on their voicemail.


Our average wait time is less than 51 seconds.

A Jargon-Free Environment

Our people are professionally-accomplished enough to know that they don’t need to impress you with fancy acronyms and technobabble. They will impress you by communicating in clear, understandable language.

Escalation Protocol

Your support team has available to them a deep bench of subject matter experts, aka “heavy hitters,” so no time is wasted in getting you in front of the right person(s) to resolve your issue.

Fix the Problem, Not the Symptom

If you’ve ever experienced an aggravating, re-occurring technology fail, you know how time-draining that repetition can become. Our IT Consultants are skilled at examining the “bigger picture” to determine the root cause of persistent problems.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Today’s IT companies don’t always have an abundance of highly-qualified staff. We don’t just expect our IT Support staff to know how to serve our clients; we train them every day at our Miles University. Miles Technologies holds over 100 industry-recognized, technical certifications.

CRN MSP 500 award
Cisco Partner Logo
Microsoft Gold Partner logo
Hewlett Packard partner logo
Estimated 10,000 IT
Tasks Completed
38 Minute
Average Response Time
10+ Year Partnership

Success Story

NJ Engineering Firm Solidifies Its IT Environment

The Miles Assurance Plan (MAP) provides the firm with everything it needs from an IT support perspective to accomplish more.

Helping People Accomplish More

Raving Fans

We are not satisfied if you are just satisfied. We want you to be a Raving Fan as a result of providing the absolute best service!

You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!®

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  • Do I need to sign up for yearly service to work with Miles?


    Not at all. If you reach out to us for IT help, we will help you. Every time. That said, we’re also 100% fiercely dedicated to providing customers with professional, secure, consistent high-level service for a fixed cost that provides a true return on investment. Our monthly Managed IT Services plan is exactly that—monthly. We believe that our clients do business with us because they love the way we do what we do, not because a binding multi-year contract requires it.

  • Are you familiar with the technology we use?


    Yes. We understand that every business category has a unique set of technology challenges and similarities to other businesses in that industry. Our industry-aligned teams allow us to stay up-to-date on research and development in specific industries so we can always provide the best solution to our clients.

  • How fast do you respond to issues?


    Our average response time is less than 51 seconds, but we guarantee a live response within 1 hour.

  • What are your hours of support?


    Our support is available 24/7. We are ready to help right now.?

  • Do you provide onsite support to all of our office locations?


    Yes. Using our worldwide network of technology partners, if a live person is needed to resolve your support issue, we can provide local IT support to anyone, anywhere on the planet.

  • How do you fix issues permanently so that they don’t come back?


    Education and experience. We work hard to find and eliminate many potential IT issues before they impact your users. Though it is impossible to predict all future IT issues, our tools allow us to work in the background and remotely to avoid disrupting your users.

  • Do I get to work with the same people on an ongoing basis?


    While many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a rotation of team members that you constantly need to educate about your company, Miles Technologies believes that a handful of people dedicated to your account, with personalized expertise in your industry, provide the best support. You get the benefits of a familiar team with the resources of a larger group.

  • What about our compliance requirements?


    Our industry-specialized focus gives you an edge. Leverage that knowledge and experience to help your business improve, compete for market share, and grow.