IT Support Services

Start receiving Raving Fan support today! We take over the care and support of your IT environment so your team can stay laser-focused on your mission.

Dedicated Teams

IT Team

Our personalized team structure provides you with the same people every time you need support. Your assigned team is responsive and proactive to ensure your team can work productively.

Rapid Response

IT Response

When you need help, you are immediately routed to the same team members every time, and they respond live, without the use of auto-attendants or receptionists.?

Raving Fan IT Support

Raving Fan

Our goal is to enrich the lives of every user through fast, competent, technical service. We strive to be the ideal customer service example for all industries.?

IT representative


Support From Every Angle

  • Security Meets Support


    Our IT support services include top-tier security protocols to ensure your systems and data remain protected. By including items like next-generation antivirus software, OS patching, and recurring security assessments, we aim to prevent security issues before they can take hold of your systems.

  • Proactive


    With a concentration on being proactive, responsive, and comprehensive, we ensure our customers have stable IT environments so that our goals align with yours.?

  • Rapid Response, Fast Resolution


    Our response time averages less than 51 seconds, and we guarantee you will speak to a human being within an hour of calling.

  • Industry Alignment


    Our experts have specialized knowledge of your industry, allowing us to communicate intelligently and clearly while working through any technical challenges.?

  • Fixed, flexible pricing


    Our pricing is based on your environment, not on how long things take. We provide a fixed price that you can count on.

  • No contracts or commitments


    We want you to use us because you love us, not because a contract requires it.

  • Nationwide


    Our nationwide presence, combined with our dedicated team assignments, allows us to provide personalized service anywhere.

  • 24/7 Service and Monitoring


    No matter when an issue occurs, we are prepared and ready to help.


The Miles Assurance Plan

Our Miles Assurance Plan (MAP) services offer a full range of IT solutions that keep your business running smoothly.

Onsite/Remote Support

Unlimited 24/7 support with no additional cost for onsite service to get you running again.


Unlimited support for your users and all your business computing equipment including desktops, laptops, phones, etc.

Network Infrastructure

Unlimited support and management of all network equipment including gateways, routers, networking cables, and other related hardware.

Server Environments

Unlimited support and management of server environments running applications designed for client/server architecture.

Cloud Services

Unlimited support and management of all Cloud Services such as Microsoft 365 and Office 365, AWS, Azure, and more.

Vendor Technologies

Unlimited support of vendor technologies and services.

User Devices

As your business grows and technology improves, we’re here to provide additions and replacements.


Advanced agent software to prevent security breaches.

IT representative


A deeper understanding of your business

We pride ourselves in getting to know the details of how your business works, demonstrating how technology can help, providing actionable steps towards progress, and creating solutions that enable people to accomplish more.?


With over 230 IT checkpoints and a dedicated onboarding team, our experts can streamline the IT transition process.


Check out these reviews from our happy customers.

We’ve changed greatly as an organization over the last 10 years – we’ve increased our volume significantly, added employees, changed roles – and you have always been there for us. I’ve never once had something that I wanted done that didn’t get done – and it’s done well and properly. I don’t even entertain calls from other IT vendors wanting my business because we’re so happy with your service – I think that says something.

Greg Doyle, VP
Air Distribution Systems – ADS
Cherry Hill, NJ
Customer Since 2005


Miles Technologies is prompt, follows up and ensures there is nothing left outstanding before closing out a task. They are consistent in every interaction no matter how large or small. Thank you for being a great business partner to allow CFRA to better serve our clients!

Julian Sanguedolce, CFA
New York, NY
Customer Since 2016


Miles Technologies has been my employer’s IT company for many, many years and they have done a fantastic job keeping up with our ever increasing needs that have come with our rapid growth. They are friendly, knowledgeable and prompt at addressing any IT issues we have. I definitely recommend them!

Jean Whiteley, Community Manager
Berger Rental Communities
Wayne, PA
Customer Since 2013



  • How fast do you respond to issues?


    Our average response time is less than 51 seconds, but we guarantee a live response within 1 hour.

  • What are your hours of support?


    Our support is available 24/7. We are ready to help right now.?

  • How do you fix issues permanently so that they don’t come back?


    We work hard to find and eliminate many potential IT issues before they impact your users. Though it is impossible to predict all future IT issues, our tools allow us to work in the background and remotely to avoid disrupting your users.

  • Do I get to work with the same people on an ongoing basis?


    While many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a rotation of team members that you constantly need to educate about your company, Miles Technologies believes that a handful of people dedicated to your account, with personalized expertise in your industry, provide the best support. You get the benefits of a familiar team with the resources of a larger group.

  • Are you familiar with the technology we use?


    We have 400+ professionals who specialize in all major tech platforms.?

You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!?