IT Systems Analysis

The objective of our systematic approach to analyzing your IT systems is to advance your technology, improve productivity, solve issues, and minimize risk.? Our analysis identifies opportunities for your team to harness technology to its fullest extent, resulting in a competitive advantage for your company.

Increased Efficiency

Low-Impact Move

With fast and reliable IT systems, your staff can improve productivity and increase output.

Competitive Edge

Strategic Planning

We believe in strategically implementing technology and applying expertise to increase the bottom line, efficiency, and quality of life of your business and your people.

Stay Current with IT

Stay Current with IT

We are your business technology advocate. We make sure you understand best of breed technologies available and their potential impact on your business.

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Proactive Analysis to Help Your Company Thrive

  • Network Analysis


    Includes: MDF/IDF, ISP, Edge Switching, Firewall, VPN, Network Equipment, Network Subnets, Wireless, UPS.

  • Server Analysis


    We’ll analyze and make recommendations on your current server infrastructure, including cloud servers, physical servers, virtual servers, virtual hosts, and other relevant and beneficial infrastructure technologies.

  • Backup Systems Analysis


    We’ll review your current backup system to ensure it meets both local and offsite standards while providing you the data protection your organization needs.

  • User Device Analysis


    These are the devices used all day, every day. We’ll compare their current specifications and configurations to our standards to ensure optimal performance.?

  • Software Analysis


    Using the right software is key to achieving a competitive advantage. We have expertise in numerous, line of business industry software packages. We also have the ability to add on custom components, build complete custom solutions, integrate multiple systems, and build reporting dashboards providing timely access to key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Security Analysis


    Security threats evolve every day, so it’s important that you proactively and consistently update your safeguards against vulnerabilities. Our security analysis will show you how well protected you are today and what else can be done to avoid a breach.?

  • Vendor/Contracts/Expirations Analysis


    Gain confidence, peace of mind, and more productive use of your time when when our team handles all vendor interactions (including Cost/Value, Reputation, Support/Warranty, Domains).



  • Understanding Users


    Through our 20+ years of experience working with businesses in all industries, we have gained a strong understanding of how productive employees work, so we can recommend the best practices for them including: Configuration, File Systems, Software Systems, Communication Tools, Devices, Working Remotely.

  • Documentation/Process/Policy


    Proper documentation of your IT systems and policies is crucial. Our team will review existing documentation and make recommendations to help expand user knowledge, avoid misuse, and maintain compliance.?


How We Examine Your Systems

Our comprehensive review summarizes the data, with emphasis on what is working well and the current pain points. We build an action plan including next steps to expedite the improvement process while minimizing or eliminating disruption to your business.?

System Review Stages

  • Stage I – IT Systems Discovery

  • Stage II – Analysis & Standards Comparison

  • Stage III – Results & Recommendations

Using a combination of technology-based tools and manual discovery, our team collects the necessary information about your IT systems and documents it in an easy-to-understand guide.

The systems are then compared to our 230 checkpoints to identify issues as well as opportunities for better utilization of technology.

All of the information collected, as well as our recommendations, are combined into an easy to follow report, including a prioritized list of the areas that need attention.

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IT System Assement and Consulting

Miles Technologies helped a Delaware Valley commercial real estate broker update their technology and provided ongoing IT support and consulting.

Raving Fans

Check out these reviews from our happy customers.

I really appreciate all of your help and professionalism with this matter over the course of the last 3 months. This is an iconic change going forward at CME Associates and you have made the initial evolution a huge success! Thank you very much.

Greg Marchuck, IT Admin
CME Associates
Parlin, NJ
Customer Since 2008



  • What is the purpose of systems analysis?


    Systems analyses exist to study every part of an IT operation to improve the system and ensure all components work optimally. The desired outcome is that your staff are more productive, their output increases, and your bottom line improves.

  • What are the advantages of a gap analysis?


    The process of systems analysis works to identify both strengths and weaknesses of the current systems, compare that to a combination of best practices and where you’d like to be, and set an actionable plan that enables consistent improvement and growth in reaching that goal.

  • Why is Systems Analysis needed?


    It creates opportunities to solve problems and improve efficiency before they can have negative impacts on your company. The overall quality of the system can be greatly improved through the help of trained experts who will prioritize and strengthen your system.

  • Does your systems analysis offering have to come with your managed service offering, the Miles Assurance Plan?


    No. You can request for us to consult on a one-time basis, and we’ll be happy to extend our professional recommendations. However, if you want to be ahead of other businesses, you may want to consider regular systems analyses, maintenance and consulting to be proactive rather than reactive. Our Miles Assurance Plans provide these services.

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