Managed Services Provider

Get full-service or supplemental Managed IT support to keep your operations running smoothly. We’ll take care of the things that don’t provide the most value for your time so your team can stay focused on supporting customers and running the business.

Helpdesk Services

If your IT engineers are getting bogged down with Tier 1 desktop support, transition that support over to Miles Technologies, and keep your top IT people focused on higher-priority needs.

Server & Network

If you have the right staff to cover desktop support, but would like help with highly-technical infrastructure, we can take over day-to-day support for your servers, SANs, cloud-hosted systems, network architecture, and more.?

Technical Consultation

If you’ve got the right staff in place to cover all of your IT projects and support functions, we can provide an IT rock star, aka a Client CIO, to help with planning and project management while your people turn the wrenches.


Unlimited Support Everywhere You Need It

Customers who utilize managed IT services through our Miles Assurance Plan enjoy unlimited remote & onsite support from consultants who are always ready to solve your problems.?

24/7 Server Monitoring

Our real-time IT monitoring systems work across various forms of infrastructure including cloud-based and on-premises servers.

System Alerts

With fully customized triggers and alerts, our systems will identify suspicious activity and send warnings in real time.??

Performance Monitor

Our tools track how actively running programs affect the? speed, security, and performance of your systems.

IT Metrics & Reporting

Logs and reports provide insight into the performance & functionality of your systems, uncovering opportunities to eliminate bottlenecks and implement other optimizations.

Preventive Maintenance

Our proactive approach helps mitigate damage from the sudden failure of hardware, software, or other network systems that could otherwise adversely impact your business.


By reducing redundant processes and changing work sequences, our multi-discipline engineering services improve functionality.

Spam Protection

Our programs check for and prevent unsolicited and unwanted email through a series of customized filters.

Email Reduction

With our customized filters, you can reduce wasted admin time and take control of your inbox.


Check out these reviews from our happy customers.

Once again, Miles Technologies to the rescue. Your team never gives up. They are the best!

Sandy Turner, Legal Administrative Assistant
Alexander & Cleaver, P.A.
Fort Washington, MD Customer Since 2016


I didn’t think anything could travel faster than the speed of light until I had a computer problem and saw Miles Technologies in action.

Jason Zerweck, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Customer Since 2014


Everyone I’ve met at Miles Technologies has been super nice and super helpful. They are always there for me.

Marc Lewis, IT Manager
Origlio Beverage Philadelphia, PA
Customer Since 2006



  • What do you mean by proactive support?


    Rather than just responding to security issues, managed service providers (MSPs) identify IT threats and weaknesses before they happen, thereby preventing issues and eliminating unproductive time. With proactive support, instead of simply fixing the same symptoms again and again, proactive managed IT services will dig deep to determine the exact reason of any recurring issues and fix the root cause of the problem to minimize time-stealing issues.

  • What are some reasons to incorporate managed services into our company’s IT?


    Third-party managed services offer important and impactful managed IT services such as expert strategic planning, reduced staffing costs, increased agility, and overall reduced IT costs. Our Miles Assurance Plans provide these services.

  • When should my company add managed services?


    Managed IT service teams are designed for flexible roles. We work together with the IT staff in your company, or work as your entire IT team, to help fill in any existing gaps and provide knowledge and expertise to help your systems run smoothly. Once your IT systems are set up, our teams come in to provide consultation regarding both necessary and helpful improvements. Our Miles Assurance Plans are flexible in that we can support and augment internal IT staff or function as a company’s complete IT department.

  • What is the connection between the Cloud and managed services?


    When you switch your servers to a third party, that contractor is a managed Iservices provider (MSP). Cloud computing is one of the many aspects of managed services, and cloud managed services are a great way to reduce costs.

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