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Marketing & Brand Strategy

Well-crafted brand and marketing strategies are what enable businesses to captivate new customers and keep loyal ones coming back. Our experienced marketing strategists will develop you develop long-term strategies so that you can connect with your target audience and grow your business.

Get Creative Consultation

Define your brand and develop tactics to get noticed.

Build Online Presence

Build your online portfolio with a custom website, landing pages, videos, ads, and more.

Reach Your Audience

Create a marketing strategy that appeals to your ideal customers.

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Bring your brand to life

Our approach to brand strategy

We take a collaborative approach and work closely with your team through a series of interviews. We get to know your business, core values, and goals.


Then we help to define the value your organization provides, differentiators, messaging, who your product or service appeals to, and how to get in front of your ideal customers.


Once your brand is well-defined, we develop a strategy and tactics to communicate your brand and messaging to your target audience.


That Inspires

Brand Development

Build trust and establish consistency and quality across all channels.

Brand Messaging

Persuade, educate, and motivate your audience through your unique voice.

Logo & Design Services

Create one-of-a-kind designs that help you stand out in your industry.

Brand Library

Create branded resources for your team to impress potential clients and partners.

Brand Management

Increase the value of your brand and develop stronger customer relationships.

Content Strategy

Target the right audience with relevant content that informs and inspires them to buy.

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  • Avatar Martin Berman ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    We have been working with Miles Technologies for over a decade now! We utilize their both their website development and marketing teams. One of my best business decisions as a CEO has been selecting the Miles Technologies team to work on my Company website and outsourced marketing. Over the past 10 years they have completed two complete website overhauls and also consistently brought stellar results with our monthly marketing program that we outsource to them. I can not stress in words how integral they have been in my Company achieving the growth we have seen due to the Marketing and Web Development services we have received from Miles Technologies. One of the unique aspects of Miles Technologies is that they view my needs from the Ownership perspective. From their CEO all the way down the ladder, they truly understand what a business owner is faced with and how to provide a solution to problems that I encounter daily in my own organization . I highly recommend Miles for any of your website, software development or marketing needs.

Miles Technologies IconMiles Technologies

100 Mount Holly Bypass, Lumberton

4.8 115 reviews

  • Avatar Maria Ceschan ★★★★★ a year ago
    We recently started working with Miles Technologies to remedy several back-end website/SEO issues we were having (from a previous marketing partner). Their team is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and quick to assist any way possible. We are very happy with our results thus far, and expect that as we continue working with Miles, that their team will continue to impress us. Thanks for the help, Miles! We are very grateful!

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4.8 115 reviews

  • Avatar Jillian Hower ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Miles Technologies is quite simply outstanding. They have helped Meyer-Chatfield Group strategize and engage unique market arenas and cultivate new business. They manage and maintain two websites for our firm and create written content and design that reflects our values and brand. Their staff of professionals are always courteous and responsive, ensuring projects are successfully fulfilled. They utilize versatile software that facilitates full team communication and control timeframe and costs. Great people; excellent to work with.Jill Carcia, Director of Marketing & Business DevelopmentMeyer-Chatfield Group

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100 Mount Holly Bypass, Lumberton

4.8 115 reviews

  • Avatar Stacy Cole-Covelli ★★★★★ 7 years ago
    Just like they say in their tag line, when we request, they respond and it DOES get done. We utilize Miles Technologies for several services, website design, maintenance and general everyday technical issues. Scott H, Mike A and Brian have never let me down! If you are looking for support, Miles Technologies Rocks!


How we build marketing strategies

Once we have helped define your company through effective branding, our marketing team gets to work building awareness through tested tools and methods.?


We develop a marketing strategy that gets the right message to the right audience every time and makes the best use of your investment.?


From monthly marketing plans to one-time projects, we serve our customers with marketing solutions that help them stand out, remove barriers to growth, and achieve ambitious goals.

Our Marketing Strategy Services

  • Market Analysis: Dig into the data to execute a marketing plan that helps you reach your goals.

  • Customer Interviews: Gain insight into how your customers interact with your products and services.

  • Marketing Audits: Review your current marketing plan to see what is and what isn’t working.

  • Industry Research:Gather and analyze industry information to identify ways to make your business unique.

  • Persona Development: Personalize your marketing and appeal to core segments of your customer base.

  • Campaign & Plan Development: Identify and plan marketing tactics directly aligned with your strategy.

Helping People Accomplish More

Raving Fans

We are not satisfied if you are just satisfied. We want you to be a Raving Fan as a result of providing the absolute best service!

“We tried to manage Google Adwords ourselves and cost ourselves a fortune because we didn’t know how to do it. The biggest benefit of Miles is that they stay sharp, and they understand our business.”

John DiGiuseppe
The Fence Authority
West Chester, PA
Customer Since 2006

Miles Technologies IconMiles Technologies

100 Mount Holly Bypass, Lumberton

4.8 115 reviews

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  • What do you mean by brand?


    Even marketers have a tough time defining what a brand is. Though subjective, there are common elements that are a part of most brand marketing strategies. These include brand visuals, a vision, a promise, and a target audience. As a part of our agency’s brand-building process, we can help you define and create each of these brand components for your business.

  • How long does building a brand strategy take?


    Brand development projects differ in time frames as every project has different objectives and challenges. As brand development is collaborative, it’s important to have your entire team on board. This helps expedite the process. Many brand deliverables can be created quickly, but others (like a website) may take longer to complete to best serve the brand strategy.

  • What kind of marketing goals should I set?


    It’s important to have quantifiable and measurable goals, so you know whether your marketing strategies are working. For example, instead of setting a goal to have more customers than last year, set a specific goal to increase your revenue by 10%. Additionally, you want to make sure you have the necessary tools to report the information you need.

  • How much should I spend on digital marketing?


    Most marketing experts suggest that businesses spend between 7% and 15% of their revenue on marketing. Keep in mind these numbers are a general recommendation. We do know that an increasing percentage of marketing budgets are devoted to digital marketing. The Gartner CMO Spend Survey for 2018-2019 estimates that companies will allocate 54% of their total marketing budget on digital marketing campaigns by 2024. Your company’s marketing budget will depend on how aggressive your growth goals are and the competitive nature of your industry.?

  • When should I start seeing results from a well-developed brand strategy?


    After we have developed a brand strategy for you that differentiates your business from your competitors, we will consistently implement it across your website, social media channels, advertising campaigns, email marketing, and other communications. As your target audience gets to learn more about you through these channels, you will start seeing real results immediately as the brand message is making an impact in all of your marketing efforts. We will work with you to develop a successful brand strategy that drives both short-term and long-term growth.