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Mobile App Development

“Smarter” phones and social media have spawned a generation of users who choose mobile devices as their primary way of connecting to the digital world. People expect to interact with your business on-the-go, and Miles Technologies designs custom modern mobile solutions for your business to capture these new opportunities.


Once built, we’ll help you release your app to the world through Google Play & the App Store or simply create secure, private mobile apps to roll out to your employees or partners.

Customizable Development

We can develop your business’s mobile solution as a stand-alone application or one that seamlessly integrates & communicates with the software you’re already using to run your business.?

Business-First Approach

An ideal mobile application will dial in your company’s unique identity—your industry, your end-user & employee profiles, the features you are looking for, the value you expect to add to your business, your budget, and the systems you already have in place.

Expert Developers

Our full-time developers are experts in architecting and deploying custom iOS & Android mobile applications, progressive web apps, and mobile-friendly web solutions for all types of use.

Mobile App Development


Unique Apps Built For Your Business

  • User Experience (UX) Driven


    Our software team is focused on providing a great user experience that extends beyond functionality, into providing the end user with a great-looking product that they love to use.

  • Synchronized Systems


    Our mobile apps are designed to integrate seamlessly into your back-office systems to extend their reach and value without having to replace or rebuild those core systems.

  • Customized Features


    We create solutions based entirely on your needs and your vision, with a wide array of features that can be updated, added, or removed as your needs evolve.

  • Offline Functionality


    Internet access is not always widely available. With that limitation in mind, we’ve designed apps that store information and continue to function optimally even in areas of low or no-connectivity.

  • Industry-Tailored


    Our experts are familiar with your industry and can help you design a mobile app solution tailored to your particular needs.

  • Device Compatibility


    We build on a single cross-platform codebase, which can be translated and then deployed to both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) devices, so you don’t have to build the same app twice.

  • Usage Monitoring & Optimization


    We can help monitor how your app is actually being used to ensure continuous improvement. From usage levels, issue reporting, device usage statistics, and more, we help your app keep up with your audience and technology.


Typical Features & Functionality

Convenience and productivity for your staff in the field / Employees & customers can interact with your business anywhere they happen to be


Real-time location tracking, location logging & association with key events within the app

Time Tracking

Automatic timestamps for key events, clocking in & out, appointments & reminders


One-touch dialing within the app, push notifications & sounds, text and in-app messaging


Touchscreen signature capture and storage for approvals and confirmations


Mapping integration & routing based on current location and system addresses (sites, deliveries, etc.)


Real-time picture taking within the app, uploading images, viewing galleries of images quickly


Built-in scanning and processing capabilities using the device’s camera

In-App Purchasing

Selling direct to consumers from within the app, Apple and/or Google Payment processing

of Experience


Apps for Today… and Tomorrow

Our proven approach starts with a focus on the user’s experience. Fast, intuitive and easy to use are the primary objectives. Because we focus on user experience in addition to incorporating all required functionality, our apps have high adoption and satisfaction rates.

Our Proven Approach:

  • Stage I – UX-Based Design

  • Stage II – Cross-Platform Build

  • Stage III – Scenario-Based Testing

  • Stage IV – Plan, Deploy, Publish

  • Stage V – Ongoing Support & Evolution

Tailored to the user experience, our mobile apps are designed using your vision as the basis, with a tangible Project Success Plan as the Roadmap.

Using a single code base for cross-platform development, we create apps that can be translated and deployed to both iOS and Android.

We test using real-world scenarios with a variety of testing options for device types, platforms, and anticipated volume of usage.

We plan & manage the deployment of your app each step of the way: beta & user acceptance testing, app store deployment (public or private listing), links to download the app for your launch announcement and website.

Our team of experts continue to provide support and advancement of your app by monitoring usage & optimizing performance, updating for compatibility with the latest operating systems & phones, and by consulting and offering recommendations for new features & improvements.

Success Story

HPC’s New Mobile App Transforms Its Content Delivery Model

We developed a user-friendly mobile application for High Performing Culture that changed its business model to a subscription approach where it could help more businesses define and build their culture to employees.

Helping People Accomplish More

Raving Fans

We are not satisfied if you are just satisfied. We want you to be a Raving Fan as a result of providing the absolute best service!

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  • Do you build native apps?


    Yes, we can build Android and Google apps as well as iOS, Apple, and iPhone apps.? We also develop web apps and progressive web apps (PWAs) that can be accessed through the browser on mobile devices.

  • Do you build using a single code base?


    Yes – this is an approach we often take.? For situations where cross-platform distribution is needed, we are able to create custom mobile apps using a single code base that can be deployed to both iOS and Android.

  • Do you help deploy the app into the store?


    Yes! Our methods of deployment include either publishing it as a private app just for your company or as a public app that is available to the world.? We have a wealth of experience involving both Apple App Store and Google Play Store and can help make this an easy process.

  • Can you help maintain & improve the app even after the initial launch?


    Yes! We can help monitor downloads, usage statistics, bug reports, etc. and help you keep your app up-to-date with the latest mobile operating system releases, add new features, and continue to optimize its performance based on real-world usage.

  • Why are mobile apps important for business-to-customer models?


    Customer-facing apps are increasingly the preferred means of informing and contacting customers, increasing loyalty through improved customer service. They can also serve as excellent marketing tools by showcasing the abilities of your company and increasing visibility through a presence in the app stores.

  • Why are mobile apps important for business-to-business models?


    Your employees can work in the field without having to worry about carrying delicate equipment or visiting the office to finish their paperwork, resulting in getting more fieldwork done. Mobile apps are perfect for employees on-the-go, helping to increase productivity and lower stress.? And, for your customers, you can provide 24/7 access to features such as paying an open balance, approving new work, checking the status of a project, etc. – without needing live customer service 24/7!??