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Pay Per Click Advertising

Drive more traffic to your website and get more conversions. We can help you achieve lead generation goals by creating visually appealing ads with professional imagery, video, and text that represents your brand and captures your audience. We proactively monitor campaigns, refine keywords, and optimize cost-per-click (CPC).

Compete on a Large Scale

PPC ads targeted at niche audiences provide the opportunity to compete with even the largest corporations.

Find Your Audience

Promote new products and services, testing markets to see which are the most responsive and profitable.


Target Exact Markets

Strategic PPC ads let you reach the right audience at the right time, for better leads and more conversions.


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The benefits of a good PPC campaign

  • Real-Time Results


    With PPC campaigns, you can see results in real time. This means adjustments and improvements can be made sooner, ensuring the best possible results.

  • Accurate Testing


    PPC advertising allows for research, like A/B testing, with rapid results. Plus, keywords, placement, ad copy, and images are easily measurable, so you always know what’s connecting with your audience.

  • A Wealth of Data


    PPC campaigns return data on hundreds of keywords at once, location variations, online behaviors, and more. When you combine metrics with conversion tracking, you can constantly improve your campaigns.

  • Improved Targeting


    With the ability to target your ads based on both niche keywords and audience specifics, PPC provides you with key precision that stands out among other forms of advertising.

  • Compete with Large Companies


    Big businesses have big budgets for PPC advertising. However, if you get creative with advanced strategies, you can find keyword combinations and targeting criteria these large companies miss.

  • Reach Customers at a Better Time


    Inappropriately timed ads are like telemarketers calling during dinner. Avoid annoying your customers. PPC ads appear when they’re already looking for your products or services.

  • Increase Revenue


    We’re all looking for results! The right PPC strategy can lead to more sales revenue with lower costs per conversion. The key here is exercising the right strategy.?


Use PPC data to inform your SEO strategy

While keyword research is a vital aspect of both PPC campaigns and SEO strategies, it can take some time to see what’s working with your organic SEO results. Your results with PPC on the other hand, are immediate, allowing you to find the keywords that fit your business and drive the most traffic.

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  • What is PPC advertising?


    PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, is fairly straightforward. You run an ad on Google, Facebook, or any other search engine or social media channel. You set a budget, and each time a user clicks on your ad, you are charged a fee for the click. The beauty of this form of advertising lies both in its simplicity and the wealth of data it puts at your disposal. You can target using more than keywords, allowing locations, online behaviors, and interests to inform your advertising.

  • Is Google Ads a form of PPC advertising?


    Yes! Google Ads is Google’s version of PPC marketing and is highly-sought after because of its effectiveness for the majority of industries. When people search for something that contains your targeted keywords, your ad will show at the top of the page, before organic search results. This can be especially effective on mobile devices, as ads typically take up the majority of the screen upon the user’s initial search.

  • Why is PPC important for my business?


    PPC is an important aspect to include in your marketing strategy for a few reasons. If you run PPC ads through a search engine, like Google, your ad will show up when people are already searching for a specific item, so you’re catching them when they need you, not interrupting them while they’re doing something else. With PPC ads through social media, you can target niche interests, so your audience is more likely to be receptive to your ad and your message. Additionally, you can see the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time, allowing for quick adjustments and refining.?

  • Why should I hire an agency to handle my PPC campaigns?


    If handled properly, a PPC campaign can bring in substantial profits for your business. However, creating a lucrative PPC campaign requires knowledge of the right keywords, experimentation, and constant monitoring to ensure your strategy is bringing in leads that convert to customers and revenue. If handled improperly, a PPC campaign can quickly become ineffective and lead to wasted ad spend and unnecessary expenses for your business.

  • What’s better: PPC or SEO?


    It’s like apples and oranges. Instead of comparing the two, it can be helpful to look at how they work together. Incorporating PPC into your marketing strategy can brilliantly improve your search engine rankings by showing data and results immediately. Whereas with SEO, it takes longer to accumulate enough data to show an accurate portrait of how your strategy is working. By using the keywords that work best in your PPC campaigns, we’re able to make adjustments to your SEO strategy.

  • How effective is PPC and how can you measure its success?


    When done effectively, a PPC campaign can reach the best audiences for your business and lead to an influx of qualified leads. Targeting the right keywords can result in a cost per acquisition that leads to scalable and profitable growth for your business. With PPC campaigns, you can easily track your budget and the return it’s bringing in, as well as the keywords, copy, and images that are driving the best results. You can see which ads are getting the most clicks, and which ones are turning over the most conversions.