create AN EFFective, inspired REMOTE WORKFORCE

Remote Work Services

Get more done outside of the office and measure productivity in the field. We will help you leverage tools and applications that allow your people to collaborate better, and maintain the highest level of security while working remotely.

Direct Shipments


Get user equipment? shipped directly anywhere it’s needed. We can identify and procure the right laptops, smart devices, networking equipment, and anything else that lets your people excel at their jobs from a home office.

Enhanced Collaboration

Replacing an Existing System

Facilitate seamless, real-time communication among your employees and clients with tools like Zoom, Webex, Skype, and more. We’ll get you set up with the right equipment for dependable video and sound.

Application Accessibility

Securely access all of your internal applications and protected data from anyplace with an internet connection. We will set up a VPN and train your staff on how to access key applications securely.

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4.8 116 reviews

  • Avatar Deb Charette ★★★★★ a week ago
    I've experienced nothing shy of GOLD STAR customer care from each professional that provided tech assistance to me within the Miles Technologies TEAM. Whether is was assistance provided by George Zilahi, Implementation Specialist, or Matt Grilli, Support Consultant, or the most recent GOLD STAR tech assistance provided by AJ Gonzales, Support Consultant, courteous AND efficient service was provided. Keep up the great work with hiring team members such as those noted above. They deserve recognition and praise!

Miles Technologies IconMiles Technologies

100 Mount Holly Bypass, Lumberton

4.8 116 reviews

  • Avatar George Howard ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I can’t say enough about Miles. Our company operates throughout the world, with offices in places like Beijing, Manila, India, and more. It’s a unique challenge, and Miles has served us well. The 24 Hour customer service is unbeatable. My issues are likely to come up when I’m overseas, and if something does need their service, they pounce on it. If you try this form you won’t be disappointed.

Miles Technologies IconMiles Technologies

100 Mount Holly Bypass, Lumberton

4.8 116 reviews

  • Avatar John Clotworthy ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    My company outsources our IT to Miles. These guys are great. VERY responsive, quick, they are all experts from what i can tell and all my questions have been resolved. Highly recommend these guys.


Build an Effective IT System

An effective remote work strategy provides your business a competitive advantage, and as a result, allows for better delivery of products and services to your customers.?


We follow a systematic approach to planning, implementing, and maintaining the right system for your organization. Factoring in security, efficiency, compliance, and user training, an effective IT system is the foundation for a winning remote work strategy.



  • Assess and Plan


    There are many components that come together for a successful remote work strategy—hardware, software, connectivity, communication tools, security, training, and policy. We’ll consult your team and identify the solutions that best align with your organization.

  • Implement and Train


    Once designed, it’s time to get the system implemented. It should be done in a way that your users are able to stay productive while getting comfortable with the new systems. Our dedicated project teams are built for this task, providing expert implementation and training services.

  • Support, Secure, Maintain


    Ongoing management and rapid resolution of any issues are even more important with remote workers. The Miles support and security experts keep remote work solutions secure, healthy, and productive.?

Proven Tools and Strategies

Keep Your Remote Systems Secure

Locking down employees’ home office networks can be more exacting than securing IT systems in a business office setting.


It is crucial to invest in cyber security tools and processes that protect user endpoints. Next-Gen antivirus software, malicious web filtering, and persistent security agents are just some of the tools we have in our arsenal to harden your remote work environments.

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everything you need to work remotely

essential Components of Simple & Effective Remote Work Solutions


Secure, remote connection back to the office from any approved corporate or personal device.

Microsoft 365

Access core Microsoft Office applications on a wide variety of Microsoft-supported platforms.

Collaborative Software

Utilize Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Chat, Nextiva, Slack, and other apps for video conferences, quick chats, and more.

File Storage

Store and share files on the cloud through Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Egnyte, and more.

Cloud Computing & Hosting

Take advantage of secure cloud services that are managed and supported by Miles Technologies, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

Performance Monitoring

Assign tasks, review workflow data, and enable collaboration on projects for better results.

Ongoing Support

Receive software updates, security patches, and guidance on user devices from your dedicated remote IT support team.

Employee Training

Learn how to be effective with new tools, enhance productivity, and strengthen collaboration through training sessions conducted by Miles.

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Success Story

Consulting Firm Migrates to the Cloud

Miles Technologies helped an aviation consulting firm decommission their local server and firewall and move entirely over to the cloud.

Helping People Accomplish More

Raving Fans

We are not satisfied if you are just satisfied. We want you to be a Raving Fan as a result of providing the absolute best service!

You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!®


  • What are your hours of support?


    We offer 24/7 support for all of our clients and guarantee a live response within an hour. We will work quickly to identify the issue and come up with a resolution that solves the problem the first time. You will have the same team of people dedicated to your account for the best ongoing IT support.

  • Can I use these remote tools to engage with my customers?


    Yes, our remote work solutions not only enable your remote employees to perform more effectively, but also allow for enhanced communication with your customers through training and webinars—just providing better service overall.

  • Should I choose BYOD or COBO for remote working?


    Your client CIO will go over the pros and cons of various elements of a new remote platform. We’ll first work to understand your needs, budgets, and goals, and then configure the right mobile strategy that best suits your situation.

  • How can I protect my company from cyber security threats?


    We can offer a number of cyber security solutions, including VPN, multi-factor authentication, software, real-time monitoring, and more. We can also educate you on best practices related to cyber security as well as threats your employees should be made aware of.