AFCO Modernizes Its Data Entry & Reporting Software

Miles Technologies helped AFCO, a leading chemical and food safety provider, update their existing data entry and reporting software platform to improve their field staff’s productivity and bolster international and mobile capabilities.


Assessing the Best Plan for AFCO towards System Modernization

AFCO came to Miles Technologies with a need to modernize Infobase, a data entry and reporting software platform they use to track service visits, audits, and key performance indicators for their clients. In seeking system modernization, AFCO had three driving business goals that needed to be met to consider the project a success.

Mobile Capablilities

Optimize productivity and efficiency by adding mobile capabilities for field staff, reducing data entry efforts through user experience enhancements, improved reporting, and performance optimizations to increase the system speed.

Multi-Language Features

Provide capabilities to support an expanding international presence, including dynamic multi-language capabilities, multiple currency support, and other international features.

Compliance Insights

Improve compliance insights through the implementation of visual compliance dashboards.


AFCO’s Updated System Features Mobile Capabilities, Enhanced KPI Reporting & More

We upgraded the current Infobase system to include international and mobile capabilities as well as specific enhancements to KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting and notifications. The following are some components of the project that help AFCO accomplish more:

♦ The new and improved Infobase system helps AFCO track the results of service visits, audits, and inventory. Infobase tracks and reports on all aspects related to the clients, visits, and audits.

♦ The system has multiple levels of permissions, including access to field staff, managers, administrators, and customers.

♦ Infobase is easy to use and helps users handle the data entry and reporting activities efficiently from a phone, tablet, or computer. The reports are easy to understand at a glance and to dig into for more details.


How AFCO Is Accomplishing More

The compliance dashboard was quickly adopted by the management team, which has increased the timeliness of performing critical activities related to inventory and service. Enhancements to the KPI tracking and reporting have provided valuable insights to their customers and led to higher customer happiness and loyalty. The mobile and performance improvements have allowed for a marked increase in field staff productivity and the timeliness of information availability.

Mobile Capabilities

The updated Infobase system includes mobile capabilities, allowing field staff to access and submit reporting efficiently from their phone or tablet, improving productivity and overall efficiency.


International Users

AFCO’s Infobase system is now a global system that can be used effectively by users worldwide. The system enables users to interact with the system in their localized languages, improving user experience.



The system’s visual compliance dashboard enhances compliance and ensures critical activities related to inventory and service can be performed on time

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Project Highlights

This dashboard provides a visual glimpse into the compliance status of the customers assigned to the logged in-users with regard to the necessary reports associated with them to be completed.

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