Case Study: Responsive IT Support

Miles Technologies helps a professional services company by providing responsive IT support and maintenance.


A Professional Services and Resource Company

The client is a?professional services?company for businesses in the?legal industry. They use technology for video conferencing, litigation, mock trials, collaboration, and supporting their sales team. As a current client of Miles, they were subscribed to our network and server support.

The Challenge

Spreading Internal IT Resources Too Thin

As a rapidly growing business, the client’s sales teams and other departments required increasing amounts of internal IT attention. Without adding more team members to their internal IT department, they were putting a greater strain on their IT Director and taking away from his time for strategic planning.

The Strategy

Reducing the Client’s Focus On IT Maintenance

The client came to Miles in a reactive state with frequent IT emergencies. It was our goal to get them back on track by adding responsive desktop support services to their Miles Assurance Plan (MAP).


Analyzing the Internal Issue

When looking at their internal IT support infrastructure, we determined that the client was lacking a large enough support team to keep up with their rapid growth. To improve, the client would either have to add more employees to their team or outsource their IT to a 3rd party.


Recommending Desktop Support

Since we already provided IT support for the client’s servers and network, we were able to recommend extending their MAP services to include our responsive desktop support. This would shift over all their IT maintenance responsibilities to the Miles IT team.

The Solution

Adding Responsive Desktop Support

  • 1 – To provide proficient IT desktop support, our team needed to understand the client’s business processes. We started by working closely with the client’s IT Director and went through all their standard procedures.

  • 2 – Next, we had Miles Client CIO strategy sessions with the IT Director to help him elevate his role in the organization. We leveraged and shared our Client CIO experience to help him become more strategy-focused as we took over the IT support focus.

  • 3 – We now provide complete IT support, allowing the client’s IT Director to focus on supporting the sales team and strategizing with vendors and potential clients.

The Results

A Responsive IT Support Strategy

The IT Director is now truly operating in a management capacity assisting the executives in their current and future goals. This has resulted in the following:

Greater Strategic Planning

Along with our monthly IT assessments, our dedicated support team provides recommendations on which aspects of business technology to prioritize.

24/7 Responsive Support

Replacing an Existing System

The client is now able to submit service requests through our customer service portal or call our team directly whenever an issue occurs.

Room for Growth

With the additional support provided by their Miles IT team, the client can now continue their rapid growth with our experts ready to back them up.

Accomplish More by Partnering With an IT Company

IT needs vary day to day, and you may not always require a full team behind you. That’s why Miles provides IT services personalized for your organization’s exact needs. From project management to installations and rollouts, our experts provide the additional manpower you need to get your project across the finish line.

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