SaaS & Software Product Development

Whether you need to revamp or convert an existing program into a service offering or want to build a new system specifically tailored to monetize your idea, our team has the experience to create the software product and SaaS development solution you need.

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Consultative Focus

Our team of consultants and business analysts helps you with every stage of the entrepreneurial process so you can focus on your software service concept and its audience.

Speedy Turnaround

We move expediently and efficiently so that the first launch gets to market quickly, providing you with a strong foundation that you can invest in and build upon moving forward.?

Product Expertise

Benefit from a team of experts with varied proficiencies, including business analysis, solution architecture, design, testing, end-user support, and more.?

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Bring Your Business Vision to Life

  • Software-as-a-Service


    Subscription model type solutions where the software IS your product. We help you plan the architecture and management models to build, maintain, and support your subscriber base.

  • eBusiness


    Solutions which can provide service delivery and management for just about any kind of business through online & mobile platforms, including full self-service features.?

  • Multi-Tenant Systems


    We architect our custom SaaS software from the ground-up to handle the multi-tenancy (your various customers and users connected to this single platform) in a secure and high-performing manner.

  • Mobile Apps


    Whether you want to create a paid version of an app, provide in-app purchasing, or rely on advertising based on a high-volume user base, we handle all aspects of Android and iOS app development, from creation to deployment, to maintenance.

  • Social Media Platforms


    Your success with an online community or social media-type solution depends on more than just expert application development. We’ve helped design, deploy, and market these platforms successfully – including planning the stages of initial launch and beyond.


Valuable Product Features

We help build the value, stability, and longevity of your product.

Scalability & High-Availability Solutions

Systems & Databases designed with Redundancy,? Geographically-Diverse Hosting Solutions, and more.

System Usage & Health Reports

Proactive monitoring, alerting, reporting, and performance optimization.

Master/Administration Controls

Manage all aspects of your service offering from your Admin Portal.

Infrastructure & Cloud Management

Full management of your hosting environment and platforms.

Integration with Existing Systems

Add even more value by integrating your product to existing systems, as well as to 3rd-party utility software.

Dynamic Advertising & Monetization

Customizable solutions for direct advertising or integration with 3rd-party tools which generate revenue.


Our Proven Process

We help transform your idea into a viable source of revenue by assisting every step of the way in developing and launching your Software-as-a-Service platform or other form of Software Product.

Building the Perfect Service

  • Phase I – Business Model & Product Vision

  • Phase II – Building a Roadmap

  • Phase III – Interactive Product Development

  • Phase IV – Launch Planning & Execution

  • Phase V – Ongoing Support & Evolution

???Target Market
???Value Proposition
???Core Features
???Monetization Planning

???Defining your Minimum Valuable Product
???Feature Prioritization
?? Future Version Planning

???A Collaborative Approach with you & your team
???Checkpoints & Demos along the way
???Feedback Processing & Product Honing

???Pre-Launch Scenario & Load Testing
???Hosting & Infrastructure
??? Staged Launch Approach:
???Soft Launch, BETA Launch, Hard Launch
???User Feedback Processing
???Product Optimization

???System Monitoring & Maintenance
?? Optimization & Improvement
???Ongoing Evolution

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Miles Technologies helped CSST Software, LLC accomplish more by building the EmpowOR system, an intuitive client tracking software product used by Community Action Agencies across the country for a wide variety of government-funded programs.

Raving Fans

Check out these reviews from our happy customers.

Thank you, as always your service was great. Really appreciate all your help and the Miles team is the best.

Tom Dolan, President
Case Porkroll
Trenton, NJ
Customer Since 2012

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  • Do you outsource your development?


    No. All members of our software development team are full-time Miles Technologies employees.

  • Do I own the Intellectual Property and source code?


    Yes! We provide our services on a “work made for hire” basis. That means that we handle product development, and you own the custom-built and customizable software which is created based on your vision.

  • Do you assist with Proof of Concept (POC) or Prototypes?


    Yes. Our experts assist with all stages of the development life cycle, including concept clarification and product feasibility. This includes building prototypes or POC type solutions that you can use to demonstrate to potential investors or gain feedback from a test market. Our team can identify potential blockers, establish expectations, and determine cost, scope, and ROI as part of your overall roadmap.

  • Why shouldn’t I rely on my own staff for this project?


    Many startups have people with great skills, but perhaps not the experience and unique approach needed in designing a software product. Our team of experts has years of experience in your industry and expertise in building and launching successful software products. Hiring your own in-house product development team can take precious time to find & train the right people, and they may be limited in the required technologies or solutions for your product. With our assistance, you get started and get to market faster.

  • What software development methodology do you follow?


    We generally follow an agile development process using SCRUM methodologies, with a little special sauce that makes the Miles Software Solution slightly different and better for our customers.

  • What technologies or platform do you use to build your custom software products?


    Most new systems are started with the Miles Technologies Head-Start Framework that includes a foundation for many aspects of the software.? It is built using the most modern mobile and web development technologies. We also build new software from the ground-up as needed and can use just about any technology platform your project requires. For software products in particular, scalability and compatibility are key factors when choosing the technology platform.