Search Engine Optimization Services

Well-executed SEO is beneficial to both consumers and search engines. With ever-changing rules, we continuously update and improve your business’ SEO strategy.?

Increase and Improve Leads

Use SEO to target your specific demographic for clicks from people who are interested in your products and services.

Outrank Competitors

Good SEO and better content go hand in hand. Please customers while targeting keywords competitors overlook.


Drive Website Traffic

It’s the main reason we’re serious about SEO, and for good reason. More traffic, more clicks, more sales.


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How we optimize your search marketing

  • SEO Audit


    We analyze your entire online presence — from your website and backlinks, to your GMB listing and social profiles. We’ll find every area for improvement and create a strategy for your success.

  • Website updates


    Your website content is an important part of both your business’ image and your SEO ranking. There are countless opportunities to improve your website for better rankings and conversions.?

  • Perfect your GMB profile


    Your Google My Business profile is absolutely vital to your local search ranking. While a GMB page is easy to set up, there are a whole host of ways you can optimize your profile to stand out next to your competitors!

  • Improve your social media presence


    Social media plays a crucial role, not only in building authority, but also as a ranking factor in local SEO. We’ll help you create the ideal social media profiles and appeal to search engines and customers.

  • Frequently review your success


    Because SEO is an ever-evolving science, we monitor what’s working, what isn’t, and what could be. We’re invested in your success, and that means a proactive, not reactive, SEO strategy.

Raving Fans

Check out these reviews from our satisfied customers.

Inquiries are the best they have ever been. They are coming in at a good pace. Digital Marketing is really working. This is the end game.

Frank Firor and Jim Delong, President and Director of Sales
Dobbs Ferry, NY
Customer Since 2017


My experience with Miles Technologies has been excellent. We hired them to build and maintain our company website and every aspect of the project went perfectly. From the initial concept call to delivery and beyond, the team offered impressive insights and abilities that resulted in a website which has surpassed our expectations. From my perspective, this is a group of talented people who truly care about the work they do. I look forward to the ongoing partnership.

Brian Miller, Director of Marketing & Brand Management
Berger Rental Comunities Wayne, PA
Customer Since 2013


Miles Technologies is committed to its customers success…pure and simple. I’ve experienced this first-hand in the successful launching of my firm’s website including the planning and execution of a comprehensive, targeted digital marketing strategy. Great folks with a great work ethic…always focused on my success. Highly recommended

Positive Traction LLC
Fort Washington, PA
Customer Since 2014



  • What is SEO and how does it work?


    SEO, or search engine optimization is the ever-evolving science of the factors behind organic (non-paid) search engine ranking. Typically, this means where your business ranks on Google, but it applies to other search engines as well.?

  • What is local search and how does it work?


    Similar to traditional SEO, local search engine optimization focuses on studying trends and strategically implementing plans to push your business towards the top of Google’s search results. When customers make a locally focused search, they’re looking for products or services from a local company. Most people click one of the first three non-paid results, so ranking high in local search can be instrumental to your business’ success.

  • Do I need SEO for my business?


    If your goal is to grow your business, developing a good SEO strategy is a must! Think of SEO as less of an advertising service, like PPC ads, and more of an investment in the overall health of your business. While you may see an influx of traffic after running an ad, an SEO strategy is a long-term plan that keeps your business at the top of organic search results and easy for customers to find, helping you develop a steady stream of revenue for years to come.

  • How long until I start seeing results?


    We know it’s not a fun answer, but it’s an honest one: it varies a lot. Most agencies say about four to six months, which is fair as a general rule. However, depending on where you started and how aggressive your SEO strategy is, as well as your industry, location, and other marketing initiatives, your results may be very different. Some of our customers have experienced results in a month, while others took almost a year to really make an impact. This is why a cornerstone of our marketing plans is to review your strategy every month, combing through the exact things that did and didn’t work, and implementing ideas to optimize performance.

  • What makes an SEO agency worth it?


    Because the internet is an evolving landscape, so too is the science behind SEO. What worked last year may no longer be effective, so keeping your high ranking involves keeping a constant eye on trends, as well as testing out what works best for your specific industry and location. Working with an SEO agency that keeps up with the latest trends and understands search engine algorithm updates and the data points involved, while developing business-specific strategies, makes for a worthy investment in the future of your business.

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