Extend the Life & Increase the Value of your Existing Software

Software Support & Evolution

Which of these speak to your situation?

♦? ?We’d like to advance our current custom software faster than it’s going right now.

♦? ?We need to transition from in-house support, to free up their time to do other things.

♦? ?Our current software company is not responsive, or just not getting the job done.

♦? ?We need a professional software company to help us take our systems to the next level.


Miles Technologies can support, maintain, evolve & advance your current software system, as well as provide expert, unbiased recommendations for the future, and get the most value from the systems you rely on for your daily operations.


Our highly responsive Software Helpdesk team resolves current issues and prevents potential issues from occurring through proactive system monitoring, analysis, and software maintenance.


Our Software Analysts are experts in helping our customers succeed across a variety of industries, platforms, hosting environments, deployment methods, and business needs.


Your assigned team works to advance all aspects of your business software, beginning with end-user productivity, problem-solving with 3rd parties, systems integration, and accomplishing your list of wishes to help your system–and your employees–thrive.

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Optimizing and Advancing Your System

  • Establishing Objectives


    We start by discussing the role of the software application in your business, then carry out an interactive walkthrough of the systems and processes. By meeting with technical & business personnel, we confirm challenges, opportunities, and objectives for moving forward.

  • Environment Assessment


    After assessing your platform and hosting environments, we determine the core system functionality, run security assessments, and catalog automated or integrated processes. We also look for opportunities which feed into our consultation on next steps.

  • Expert Consultation


    As your project moves forward, our pros work directly with your team to brainstorm and offer a series of recommendations. This consultation can include a broad range of options such as added features, forward compatibility, and recommendations for process improvement.

  • Systems Improvement


    Once we provide a system overview and documentation, we review our recommendations and work with you to build a roadmap for the next updates based on your objectives and the potential value of each initiative.

  • Ongoing Support & Evolution


    With our Support & Evolve Plan, you are guaranteed to be in good hands as we help both your system and your people evolve together.

  • Some of the Technologies We Support


    .NET, Angular, iOS, Android, Ionic, Xamarin, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Azure SQL, AWS RDS, Azure, Amazon AWS, Windows, Linux, Docker.


The Miles Support & Evolve Plan

Scalable Environment Hosting

We design platform and hardware upgrades into your plan to scale as you need it.

Performance Analysis & Alerts

We monitor your systems in real-time to identify and resolve performance issues. We analyze trends and provide recommendations to keep your systems at peak performance.

Process & Integration Monitoring

Our team sets up proactive monitoring so we know when something does not run as expected and we can resolve before it becomes an issue.

Business Continuity Planning

We have highly experienced staff who consult, design, & continually monitor cloud hosting solutions to ensure maximum availability for your systems.

Compliance & Audit Assistance

We have in-house compliance experts on HIPAA, PCI, SOC, ISO, and many other regulated areas. We provide assistance with architecting, implementing, & documenting controls to ensure your systems are compliant based on your needs.

Database Maintenance & Optimization

Our experienced Database Administrators and development team members ensure that your platforms are kept up-to-date, assessed regularly, and optimized for high performance based on actual & anticipated usage.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

We make sure that your data backups continuously run so that you can successfully restore critical data when the need arises.

Wish List Management

By organizing ideas, dreams, and wishes from employees and end-users, we help turn your Wish List into an Accomplished List.


Giving Software New Life

Our Proven Software Analysis & Onboarding Process gives you confidence in the future of your software and its impact on your company’s performance.

Our Software Analysis & Onboarding Process

  • Phase I – Business & Software Analysis

  • Phase II – System Audits

  • Phase III – Recommendations

  • Phase IV – Strategic Review & Planning

  • Phase V – Support & Evolve

We start by reviewing all features and processes before examining the challenges and opportunities, to help create a vision for your success.

Our team assesses numerous aspects of your software, including platforms, hosting, components, configuration, security and more.

Our consultants provide their insight through summary documentation and recommendations on technical & functional aspects, security, usability, performance, support, and potential new developments.

Working directly with your team, our experts review the recommendations, prioritize next steps, create a roadmap to success, and then begin the Support & Evolve process.

We focus on proactive maintenance, ongoing support, minor updates & optimization of your systems, and implementation of significant advancements.

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Miles Technologies helped RCH, a national, face-to-face field services company, empower their operations team to accomplish more by building a new system that could evolve as new processes and needs arise. RCH increased productivity, achieved smarter reporting, and strengthened the overall support of their team.


Check out these reviews from our happy customers.

We are very happy with the QuickBooks Upgrade. It was done fast with very little interruption. So far everything is running fine and no issues. Miles Technologies did a great job and we appreciate all of their help and efforts.

Nadine D. Hargrave, MBA
M. J. Mrvica Associates, Inc.
Berlin, NJ
Customer Since 2003



  • Do you outsource your support or helpdesk?


    No. All members of our software support and development teams are full-time Miles Technologies employees.

  • Do you provide remote support or onsite support?


    Both! Our team uses web-based remote support tools, video conferencing, screen sharing, and other remote support methods to help resolve the vast majority of issues and inquiries. We also can provide onsite support, training, and other services based on your needs through our onsite support team.

  • Do I work with the same person every time?


    Once you start a Support & Evolve plan with us, we have a specific team assigned to your account with experts who understand your company, your industry, and the unique needs that go with it. Your team includes a primary Helpdesk person, a primary Consultant, and a primary Software Developer so they can cover all aspects for providing you with great support. We also have backup staff in each role to ensure you have the coverage you need.

  • Do you offer a fixed-cost subscription plan?


    Yes, we offer the Miles Support & Evolve Plan as a fixed-cost monthly subscription, where you get fully managed support for your business software at a price you can count on and budget for. There are no annual contracts, you pay month-to-month, and you can cancel at any time. You decide the types of services that are included through a fully customizable plan.

  • Can you work with my existing IT team?


    Yes! We augment your existing IT & Software Professional team members through strategic service outsourcing, as-needed escalation, or we can be your entire IT/Software team while you focus on running your business.

  • Can you add features to my current software even if you did not build it?


    Yes. We specialize in supporting and evolving systems that we did not build, as well as those we did. As long as you have appropriate rights and access to the system, we can support and advance it. And, in many cases, we can build on top of or integrate with off-the-shelf or proprietary software. If you’re not sure how to go about prioritizing or accomplishing your wish list, give us a call and we’ll figure out the best way to achieve your goals.

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