Software Systems Analysis Services

We offer solutions ranging from consultation to support and maintenance management for any number of your systems. Whether you’ve used the same software for more than a decade, or you’re in the process of implementing additional software, we have the experience and knowledge to help.

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Augmenting Your Team

Our team of software professionals works with your team to go more in-depth into your software projects and systems.

Expert Analysis

Our team is filled with a wide array of experts who are prepared to analyze & provide solutions around functionality, usability, compliance, performance, security, and more.??

Exceeding Expectations

Boosting your team towards success by exceeding your project and operational goals.

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Partner with Our Team of Experts

  • Proactive Security & Vulnerability Scanning


    Eliminate vulnerabilities in your business systems with our proactive cyber security scans. We use state-of-the-art tools such as Acunetix and CrowdStrike to identify security vulnerabilities in your systems and provide recommendations to protect you against future cyber-attacks and threats.

  • Performance Analysis


    We hone in on performance bottlenecks and problems while providing you with solutions to boost your system’s performance.

  • Load Testing


    By running simulated tests, we provide information on how your systems will run under heavier use to help ensure your system is ready for launch or significant increases in usage.

  • Project Assessment & Consultation


    We provide expert analyses of any software project and offer recommendations to get projects back on track and achieve desired outcomes.

  • In-Depth Technical Consultation


    Our expert assistance helps identify and fix any limitations within your system, including reporting errors, compatibility issues, upgrading your database, or moving your software to the Cloud.

  • Support & Evolve Plans


    Our Support & Evolve Plans provide a comprehensive set of support, maintenance, and ongoing development services to ensure you receive maximum value from your software.


Additional Services Offered

From augmenting your team for specific projects, to taking on your support & consultation, we cover all your software needs.

Business Process Analysis

We start by evaluating & designing improvements to your current processes, then streamline them even further.

Best Practices Consultation

Our management consultants & industry consultants provide recommendations and suggestions to ensure you follow best practices with regard to your business technologies.

Project Management

Having successfully managed well over 10,000 software projects utilizing systems from Agile to Waterfall, we can provide Project Management Consulting services directly for your project.

Compatibility Testing

As devices, operating systems, browsers, and hardware change on an ongoing basis, our team helps your systems evolve with the platforms of today and for the future.

Performance Analysis

Whether you are preparing for an initial launch of a system or planning for a large ramp-up, we help you prepare to scale your systems.

Employee Training

Technology & Software are just like any other tools – your staff must understand and be comfortable using your tools so they can meet their full potential.

Quality Assurance

With our proven quality assurance processes, we will help you devise and execute a series of tests to ensure you are putting out a high-quality product.

Systems Integration

Our team will help eliminate duplicate data entry, data consistency issues, and enable your people to focus on your core business instead.

of Experience


Because we understand that every business is unique, the exact steps we take with each customer varies according to the situation and needs. Determining the steps to take falls within our proven process, described below.

Our Custom Approach:

  • Stage I – Scope of Work Clarification

  • Stage II – Prep & Planning

  • Stage III – Work Execution & Recommendations

  • Stage IV – Results Delivery & Review

  • Stage V – Evolution & Follow-Up

Our experts coordinate with your technical team to get an overview of your systems and clarify the business and technical goals to be achieved.

We identify and implement any prerequisites for the work (such as a test version of the system) and create a step-by-step plan to get the results you are looking for.

Our developers and consultants perform the system analysis and concurrently brainstorm for recommendations that can be applied to your systems for improvement.

We provide a report with the results from our analysis along with a prioritized list of recommendations for future improvements and suggested next steps.

Our assistance doesn’t have to stop there. Your system may need further testing, retooling, and changes to best suit your evolving company. We are available, not only to clarify where you want to go, but to also help you get there.

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Success Story

National Credit Reporting Agency Strengthens Its Security Stance and System Performance

Miles Technologies helps NCS (National Credit-Reporting System, Inc.) accomplish more by providing analysis and consulting services for their existing software systems as part of an ongoing “Support & Evolve” plan. Miles helps NCS interpret and take action on third-party security scans that identify potential vulnerabilities in its application, and provides ongoing analysis & recommendations that focus on enhancing the application’s performance. These services enable NCS to ensure security and performance without having to hire in-house experts.

Helping People Accomplish More

Raving Fans

We are not satisfied if you are just satisfied. We want you to be a Raving Fan as a result of providing the absolute best service!

“It’s important that our customers understand we are at the forefront of technology. Miles Technologies helps us continue to manage and update our platform. Their ability to give input on how to make your business better is huge.”

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  • What is the main purpose of a system analysis?


    The ultimate goal of a system analysis is to achieve a specific objective, such as determining the next steps with an existing system, improving the security stance, improving productivity for users of a system, new application development, or improvement on existing software systems.

  • What are the benefits of a system analysis?


    Once you have your objective, the cost, efficiency, and flexibility in the approach are key factors in system analyses. When the right experts are able to utilize the right tools in the best possible ways, great opportunities for improvement can be uncovered, the system becomes more effective, and users become more productive by saving your company time and money.

  • What is Load Testing and what does it accomplish?


    Load testing is designed to identify performance capabilities of your website, application or API by simulating even beyond anticipated peak usage. Our software vulnerability testing process involves a four-step approach: Preparation, recording, testing, and analyzing.

  • Do you offer different levels of security & vulnerability assessments?


    Yes, we offer proactive and as-needed security assessments for your software systems and hosting environments to help counter potential security vulnerabilities and help protect you against cyber attacks and other security incidents. From basic surface scans, which can run as frequently as you like, to more in-depth approaches like manual penetration testing, we can tailor a solution based on your needs.

  • I’m concerned about how my current software project is going – can you help?


    Whether you feel like you are already off-track or just want peace of mind, we’ve got you covered. Our expert analysis covers your software project at any stage, and provides you with recommendations and specific action items to improve your project moving forward. If needed, we provide Project Management services to ensure successful outcomes.

  • Do you provide ongoing consultation and analysis services?


    Yes – check out our flexible and customizable Software Support & Evolve Plans to understand how we can help!