Surveillance Camera Installation

We work with you throughout the entire process: understanding your needs, identifying the right video surveillance system, installing the system, testing, supporting & maintaining. Our responsive and experienced staff are ready to help you.

Customized Setup

Your video surveillance system is customized to suit your needs to ensure you obtain desired coverage and recorded storage.

The Right Expertise

Our experts can handle your surveillance projects from initial design, through installation to ongoing support & maintenance.

Remote Connectivity

You can securely access your cameras from anywhere and on any device, providing peace of mind wherever you are.

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  • Avatar Deb Charette ★★★★★ a week ago
    I've experienced nothing shy of GOLD STAR customer care from each professional that provided tech assistance to me within the Miles Technologies TEAM. Whether is was assistance provided by George Zilahi, Implementation Specialist, or Matt Grilli, Support Consultant, or the most recent GOLD STAR tech assistance provided by AJ Gonzales, Support Consultant, courteous AND efficient service was provided. Keep up the great work with hiring team members such as those noted above. They deserve recognition and praise!

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100 Mount Holly Bypass, Lumberton

4.8 116 reviews

  • Avatar George Howard ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I can’t say enough about Miles. Our company operates throughout the world, with offices in places like Beijing, Manila, India, and more. It’s a unique challenge, and Miles has served us well. The 24 Hour customer service is unbeatable. My issues are likely to come up when I’m overseas, and if something does need their service, they pounce on it. If you try this form you won’t be disappointed.

Miles Technologies IconMiles Technologies

100 Mount Holly Bypass, Lumberton

4.8 116 reviews

  • Avatar John Clotworthy ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    My company outsources our IT to Miles. These guys are great. VERY responsive, quick, they are all experts from what i can tell and all my questions have been resolved. Highly recommend these guys.


Understanding Your Surveillance Needs

Every business has its own reasons for setting up surveillance cameras. Our team of experts consults with you to understand your needs & objectives, and works directly with you to identify the surveillance system that is the best solution for your environment.



  • Coverage Where You Need It


    Our experts take your needs into account, determine what amount of visibility is required and then find the most effective places to set up your surveillance systems.

  • Types of Cameras


    This includes security systems, wireless systems, wired systems, outdoor cameras, hidden cameras, indoor cameras, and more.

  • Storage Capacity


    We ensure your storage capacity meets compliance standards and satisfies the needs of your company. Whether you need storage for 30 days or a long-term storage solution, we will ensure your business is paired with the right system.

  • Camera Viewing Needs


    Whether you need wall-to-wall surveillance, individually focused cameras, or stationary versus pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, we identify & implement the right system and configuration to suit your needs.


Camera Types

Our expertise includes determining your best solution from these offerings:

Analog Cameras

Analog cameras are the traditional cameras used in CCTV systems. They send video over coaxial cable to DVR’s.

Specialty Cameras

We offer a variety of specialty cameras with features including remotely-controlled PTZ cameras and 360° panoramic fisheye cameras.

Cloud Surveillance

Cloud-based storage, recording, and management allow optimal security while storing your video files off-site.

IP Cameras

IP cameras are digital recording devices that connect directly into the ethernet cabling of your network

LPR Cameras

License Plate Recognition cameras are a specialized camera designed to capture numbers and letters of license plates on still or moving vehicles.

Audio-Visual Systems

We provide cameras that capture audio along with the video feed for increased security coverage in areas like hotel registration desks, interrogation rooms, retail counters and more.

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Food Distributor Upgrades Their Video Surveillance System

The new video surveillance system is a significant advancement over its prior one, providing enhanced image quality and increased coverage to maintain security.

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  • Do security cameras record all the time?


    Our first step is to determine your recording and storage needs. We can configure the system for 24/7 continuous recording, recording on motion, or time of day recording.

  • At what point do I consider getting a surveillance system?


    If you’re looking to increase the safety and security of your workplace, security surveillance systems are an excellent way to achieve security compliance and improve the overall protection of your business.? Video surveillance systems also help deter thieves and shoplifters.

  • Why should I consider getting a video surveillance system for my business?


    A video surveillance system protects against property theft and vandalism, acts as an excellent deterrent to falsified lawsuits and staged accidents, helps deter thieves and shoplifters and other forms of crime. If an event occurs, you’ll have the required footage to know what happened, when, and who was involved.?

  • How does a surveillance system help improve safety and security?


    Just the knowledge of having security systems in place decreases your business’ chance of being burglarized by 400%. That security extends to your staff and customers, who know that safety is a priority. Surveillance camera systems can also record workplace incidents or accidents for review to help prevent future issues. This helps prevent workplace lawsuits.

  • Can a camera system help increase sales?


    Yes. By studying behavior patterns of customers within your store, or throughout your business, video footage can help pinpoint the most natural high-traffic areas to put your best stock.?