Web Portal Development

In today’s non-stop world, savvy users demand immediate availability of resources when it’s convenient for them. Give the people what they want! Deliver an exceptional user experience (UX) across the board.


Self-service, mobile-friendly web portals—integrated into your current systems—will transform the way your business and brand interact with customers, vendors, employees, and job candidates.


Create 24/7 Access

Our expert team can help create a 24/7 on-demand service experience to engage your users and satisfy their diverse needs without straining your staff.

Custom-Built Portals

Our custom, web-based portals are accessible with all browsers, applications, and devices (including mobile), and are built with the most up-to-date technology and security protocols.

Plug in to Today’s Technology

We integrate modern, user-friendly web portals into your existing systems to provide real-time insight, information, and interaction without having to overhaul your current software.

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The Convenience of Self-Service

  • We Design Portals to Improve Working with:


    Customers, Ecommerce, Employees, Suppliers, Sub-contractors, B2B and B2C businesses, and More!

  • Our Technology Expertise Includes:


    Angular, Azure, PHP, .NET, HTML & CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Java, and More!

  • Systems Integration:


    ???Directly integrated with your existing systems

    ???Real-time insights

  • Interaction with systems via one interface:


    Connect your Web Portal to systems of any kind including legacy, on-premises, internet and intranet.


Common Features & Functionality

Make the best impression and keep them coming back for more.

Information Management

Manage customer information including Transaction History, Service History, Account Management, and Contract Management

Automation Apps

Important processes that can be automated include Electronic Approvals, Quotes and Orders, Payment Processing, and Service Requests


Break down the barriers to communication by including Email Notifications, Real-Time Chat, Phone Integration, Text Messaging, File Sharing


Generate reports across a variety of formats including: Dashboards & Widgets, Reporting Tools, and Quick Lists


Meet the needs of your user base through systems such as Field Services, Project Management, Training & e-Learning


Proactively answer questions by providing FAQ’s, How-To’s, Surveys & Feedback


With your customers, employees, candidates and vendors in mind, we create web portals that not only satisfy their needs, but also add value as part of the user experience.?


The Custom Approach:

  • Stage I – UX-Based Design

  • Stage II – Designing the Portal Integration

  • Stage III – Interactive Development

  • Stage IV – Beta Testing & Release

  • Stage V – Ongoing Support & Evolution

Tailored to the user experience, our web portals are built from the ground up using your vision as the basis for design & development.

Working together with your team, we devise the integration plan between your portal and your existing information systems.

We collaborate with your team to clarify use cases, system requirements, and preferred user experience to develop the absolute best system.

After internal testing, we utilize feedback to help coordinate improvements to the portal and plan enhancements for your future releases.

Our Support & Evolution plan keeps your portal running smoothly by monitoring performance & usage, resolving issues, providing ongoing analysis, consultation, and enhancements.

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Holt Logistics Significantly Reduces Order Fulfillment Time

We created a custom web portal for Holt Logistics that would simplify its complex order fulfillment process, reduce trucker waiting time, and streamline its systems.


Check out these reviews from our happy customers.

We like that Miles Technologies is project-oriented and that they can come up with a clear scope ahead of time. After they listen to us, they take what we’re trying to do into consideration and they try to poke holes in it to see if there’s more opportunity for improvement or to catch anything we may have missed. They execute projects on time and within the budget promised.

Andrew Elia

Vice President of Information Technology

The Rapid Learning Institute

Wayne, PA

Customer Since 2010



  • Can you build a web portal that integrates with my existing software?


    Yes – As long as there is a way to get information in and out of that system, we can create a modern web portal that integrates with it.? We’ve built web portals that connect to everything from direct database integration to mainframes to cloud-hosted solutions, and everything in between.? When people say it can’t be done, we are always up to the challenge.

  • What level of security and privacy controls are considered when developing portals?


    We take information security seriously. To prevent unauthorized access, we ensure each portal is architected and developed with the necessary segmentation, encryption, and authentication. Our team of security experts also can provide ongoing vulnerability assessments and remediation work to ensure your portal remains safe as new potential threats emerge.


  • Can you design to suit a budget?


    We start with a simple approach to design & build a portal that provides value and can be accomplished for a relatively low initial investment. Our designs are flexible enough to accommodate the architecture of many new features over time as you need them and as your user base evolves.

  • How do web portals help me save money?


    Rather than having your staff spend so much time answering questions or processing requests, our web portals interact directly with your users to provide the information and resources they need and expect. Rather than expanding staff as you grow, your web portal software can help your current staff handle the growth while the system performs 24/7 for your users.

  • Do you have experience with my particular industry?


    Our industry consulting team consists of experts in numerous respective industries and?can assist you by identifying solutions that pair the particular needs of your company with the appropriate mix of technology, functionality and user experience.

  • Can you build Mobile Apps or Progressive Web Apps instead of or in addition to a Web Portal?


    Yes!? Check out our Mobile App Development service offering.

You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!?