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We Are Miles Technologies

A team of tech enthusiasts committed to helping people accomplish more through the consultative selection, design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of business technology.

A Passion for Efficiency


From the beginning, our mission has always been to use technology to help people accomplish more. Hear about our history and values from CEO and founder, Chris Miles.



We are a company made up of caring friends who are as passionate about technology as we are about people. Our culture is defined by our 12 beliefs that help us make the right decisions quickly and move as one company towards achieving a common goal.

How we help others accomplish more


A business is only as good as the work it does, and we believe that extends to giving back.

It’s important for us to contribute to our community’s success as much as they contribute to ours.

A step toward

Since 2005, A Step Toward Hope has been committed to improving the lives of individuals with paralysis and their families. Accessible vans, home modifications, and rehabilitation are small steps that make a huge difference in a family’s life.

Technology equals opportunity

The Technology Equals Opportunity (TEO) initiative recognizes the importance of technology in the lives of students. From activities that instill a love of computers at a young age to continuing education classes at our headquarters, we believe in the impact technology can make on our lives.

Volunteer time-off initiative

With Volunteer Time-Off, our team can volunteer their time without losing a day’s income. Employees can use this for any non-profit work, but we often choose to make it a team effort. We know we get more done together. We like to use that energy to help our community!

You Request. We Respond. It Get’s Done.

Our Brand

We are made of four core services, Technology Consulting, IT, Software, and Marketing. Each service is represented by one of our colored interlocking blocks — because when you work with us, you get experts from all aspects of business technology.

We Thrive Because Of


IT Teams

Meet some of the people who keep your systems up and running and secure.

Software Teams

See some of the faces behind the innovative solutions

that transform your vision into reality.

Marketing Teams

Here are a few of the creative folks that communicate your unique brand, delight your customers, and get your message in front of the right audience at the right time.




No more vacation problems: Miles’ team approach to providing services allows for uninterrupted support regardless of any specific individual’s availability.

We have your stuff: By design, we maintain a strategic inventory reserve that allows us to fulfill 95% of the emergency equipment needs of our customers directly from on hand inventory.

We only bill the exact amount you approve prior to providing our services. Most of our industry bills by the hour.

We practice what we preach: We run on the same solutions and services that we provide to our customers.

Vendor neutrality: We don’t believe bias helps your business. Our recommendations are always based on customer need alone.

Raving Fan

We will not sell our company to anyone. We have operated under the same ownership and management since our founding in 1997.

50.15 seconds. In the IT industry it is typical to sit on hold for 20 to 30 minutes. At Miles, your phone calls and emails are expedited through Miles Expert Connect. This proprietary process IDs you and instantaneously connects you LIVE with an expert on your technical team. No low technical skilled people as gatekeepers. Our average time for a live technician to answer the phone for a support request is 50.15 seconds. You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!?

We have Miles University. Many IT companies don’t have qualified staff and they don’t train them. Our applicants are tested prior to hire. On average we only hire 1 out of 100 applicants. We don’t just expect our staff to know what they are doing for you; we train them daily. Miles Technologies holds more than 100 recognized industry certifications.

The buck stops here: With our multiple service offerings and Miles Vendor Management, we can be responsible for ALL of your business technology needs, so there’s no more reason to juggle and manage multiple vendors.

Replacing an Existing System

Seamless global support: Equipped with our worldwide network of partners, we provide services to anyone on the planet. Your international locations are covered. We’ll be by your side as you traverse the world.



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