WiFi & Wired Networks

Today’s commercial IT network relies on a combination of wired and WiFi connectivity. Our team includes experts in physical cabling and wireless solutions, allowing your network to run optimally and fast, while allowing your users to benefit from mobility. From installation and setting up networks to cleaning and organizing your server closets, our experts handle every aspect from initial analysis to maintenance and updates.

Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

WiFi is not a luxury for an organization; it’s a must-have. To keep your users happy and productive, wireless networks must be fast, secure and stable.??

Wired Networks

A professionally planned and executed network wiring project is critical to the overall effectiveness of your IT Systems.?

The Best of Both

The Best of Both

Having expertise in both wireless and wired systems allows our consultants to plan the most effective network for your organization.


How Miles Can Help


Wireless Networks
  • – Consultation and advice on commercial wireless network strategy, uses, and security


  • – Wireless surveys using advanced tools to find issues or plan the most efficient wireless deployment


  • – Wireless equipment selection and procurement


  • – Wireless network implementation, equipment support, and maintenance

Wired and Cabling

  • – Site survey and wiring maps


  • – New environment cabling or expanding existing environments


  • – Wiring cleanup and network closet reorganization


  • – Wiring troubleshooting and maintenance


  • – Includes LAN and Ethernet Cables, including multiple switches & routers to increase coverage on larger networks.
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Optimizing a Manufacturer’s Wireless Network

Miles Technologies engineered a custom wireless network solution for a healthcare product manufacturer that ensured reliable connectivity and enhanced WIFI speed.

Raving Fans

Check out these reviews from our happy customers.

My experience with Miles Technologies has been excellent. From my perspective, this is a group of talented people who truly care about the work they do. I look forward to the ongoing partnership.

Brian Miller, Director of Marketing & Brand Management
Berger Rental Communities

Wayne, PA
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  • How many access points should I have in my wireless network?


    The answer is dependent upon the number of devices connected, the type of wireless network and equipment in use, how the wireless network is being used, and environmental factors. Miles can help determine the appropriate configuration using specialized tools meant to plan wireless deployments and identify issues in existing wireless networks.?

  • What are the benefits of a clean and organized network closet?


    An organized network or wiring closet allows for easy troubleshooting when an issue occurs. Additionally, changes in office layout and desk configurations can be executed faster. A clean network closet can also be used as a showcase for visitors and potential customers.?

  • What could be causing issues with my Wi-Fi?


    Wireless issues can be caused by a number of factors. Some of the most common issues among small businesses include network congestion due to a high number of wireless clients, older wireless technology not providing adequate speeds, environmental factors, and Wi-Fi Channel Interference. Fortunately, there’s always a solution.

  • Are wired networks more secure than wireless?


    In the past, wired networks were considered the more secure means of connecting to the Internet. However, as technology changed, properly configured wireless networks have been able to catch up with their wired counterparts. At Miles Technologies, we specialize in network connectivity as well as cyber security. You can rest assured that your connection is as safe as possible, and regularly updated.

  • What if I just want a wireless network?


    We would be happy to help you with that. Our consultants are here to find the best solutions available at the best cost, and an exclusive wireless system may be the best fit for your company.?

  • My wireless connection is strong, but I can’t connect to the Internet.


    Your Wi-Fi signal is a means to carry Internet connection from a broadband modem to your device. Though your Wi-Fi is strong, your broadband connection may be having an issue. Fortunately, there is a solution and Miles Technologies is here to help.

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